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Author Topic: Is there any hope?  (Read 2425 times)


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Is there any hope?
« on: 05 May 2005, 18:38 »

Okay, so here's the deal, I know my art sucks, I've been told that by quite a few people on DeviantArt. Problem is, none of them ever give me tips on how to improve my artwork they're just like "OMG your drawin sux major ass!", so I never get anything helpful from them. So I figured, well, maybe someone here would be able to point out things I could do to improve.

So um... I don't know how to shrink stuff and it scans too big, so I'll just post a link so that it doesn't mess up the fourm page:


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Is there any hope?
« Reply #1 on: 06 May 2005, 00:54 »

hmmm looks good to me, especially the work on the clothes. the light and shadow is really good.

but there two things i'd reconsider:

1. the hand that holds the gun looks strange. the gap between the fingers is too long. it should be shorter and rounded at the end. just look at your own hands...

2. whats with his face? is it a clown? whats the ball-y thing on his shoulder?


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Is there any hope?
« Reply #2 on: 06 May 2005, 05:26 »

From the lines around the eyes, I'd say it is a clown. In which case, it looks like the rubber nose should maybe be smaller, further to the right, and shaded. Right now it looks like a flat disk sitting on his cheek instead of on his nose. Still, the drawing is better than what I usually do (not that it's ever stopped me).

Good shading on the body, and see torg's comment on the hand. Hands are complicated bits, and a single failure can make them look goofy. Unfortunately, the only solutions are time and practice. There are lots of books, CD-ROMs, and classes out there if you need direction for your practice. And there are wooden model hands you can get if you want a static model to examine. Or take digital pictures of your hand or someone else's hand if you want a static image.
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