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Author Topic: for those interested in videogame music....  (Read 4538 times)

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for those interested in videogame music....
« on: 25 Apr 2005, 12:49 »

the blindfolded pianist has live performances using ventrilo every saturday at 7:30 eastern...
heres the playlist i wrote from the last time.

Super Mario Brothers theme.
Super Mario Brothers undereground theme.
Super Mario Brothers castle theme
Super Mario Brothers win theme
Super Mario Brothers underwater theme
Super Mario Brothers start theme
The Legend of Zelda main theme.
The Legend of Zelda death
The Legend of Zelda castle/labrinth theme
The Legend of Zelda secret
The Legend of Zelda door open
The Legend of Zelda win.
the legend of zelda end theme.
Super Mario World - Last Castle
The Legend of ZeldaL A Link to the Past - Dark World
Earth Worm Jim : Banjo Race
Final Fantasy - Prelude
Super Mario Brothers 3 - Overworld.
Super Mario Brothers 3 - Level 3
Prince of Persia
Final Fantasy VI - Kefka
Starcraft - Terran theme
Super Mario World - Ending Theme
Super Mario WOrld - Start Theme
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Boss theme
Zelda 64 - Intro Theme
Zelda 64 - Temple Theme Songs
Leisure Suit Larry
FF8 - Liberti Fatali
Simon the Sourcer]
Super Mario World - Air Platform Theme
Age of Empires 2
Windows 95 Start-up
Sonic Medley

-i lost track here-
Halo 2
Windos XP - Shut down improv (mario 2)

if enough people show interest ill post the vent info.
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