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Author Topic: Zero Wing Rhapsody  (Read 3266 times)


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Zero Wing Rhapsody
« on: 01 May 2005, 17:05 »

Some time ago I came across this flash parody of Zero Wing, and I decide to post this now for some reason or another.  

Before watching this be warned:
If you hadn't seen/played/heard Zero Wing by Toplan Co. Ltd. or heard Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, you might not get it/find it funny/be amused by it.

For those somewhat unfamiliar with it:
The Zero Wing introduction has been poorly translated from Japanese to English (Engrish), it is where the semi-popular phrases "All your Base are Belong to Us" and "For Great Justice" came from.  Some of you may have seen me post a reference to it earlier.

So here it is, from the Mind of Andrew 'TmsT' Kepple, the man that brought you 'French Erotic Film (Opblaaskrokodil)'  and 'Frosty Vs. Rudolf'

Click here to see it

Quote from: Someone who hasn't yet posted
I alredy saw this long ago, and I'm going to assume you just saw this now because you posted this now.

I saw this shorty after it came out (I'm a TmsT regular) and I... oh, read the first paragraph.


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Zero Wing Rhapsody
« Reply #1 on: 03 May 2005, 20:26 »

Sorry guys, It seems they don't want me to link to them that way, I changed it so I won't steal so much bandwidth.
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