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Author Topic: Sockyspace  (Read 2483 times)


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« on: 07 Jun 2005, 15:13 »

We're not allowed to whore-out our own comics, but I'm sure we're allowed to whore-out comics that we've discovered through other QC Forumers... often times, it's their own comics that we discover.

Well, thanks to QC, I discovered and I urge all of you to go and read it.

The art is always great, and consistent (something a lot of webcomics can't claim).  Our pal Socky also has an excellent grasp on backgrounds, and proportion.  Very nice stuff!

I'll admit that sometimes I don't 'get' the joke in the comic, but that's only because it may refer to something I'm totally unaware of (Socky being of UK origin, and me being a filthy Canuck).

So Check it out, click that link, it's worth your while!

(I just wish Socky had the time to update more regularly... hint... hint...)


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« Reply #1 on: 08 Jun 2005, 02:27 »

oh, you are allowed to whore out your comic... just not in your first post (according to the rules)... should be ok in your thousandandfirst one, though..

btw. your comic is fun, i had some good laughs :)
oh and 'uber chat' should be spelled 'über chat'  (note the two dots above the u)

. o O ( although i really dont like you people using the word 'über' because you tend to spell it wrong and use it inappropriate... its like i would put "ovä" (over, spelled wrong, used inappropriate) in front of every silly word just to let it sound cool... damn, you are raping my mother language ;) )


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« Reply #2 on: 08 Jun 2005, 08:09 »

Thanks for the compliments... but:

This space is for Socky-talky.

Here's (easily) my favourite socky comic:



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« Reply #3 on: 08 Jun 2005, 09:24 »

Socky was a member here for a long while. Haven't seen him lately. Honestly, I never got into his comic.
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« Reply #4 on: 09 Jun 2005, 02:23 »

I'm still here, I just have a job.

Cheers for the plug sideways, my artwork and speed of drawing has improved since I started taking a sketchbook to work.  The reason for only updating once a week is because coming up with ideas for a comic isn't my strong suit, so I've palmed off the writing on Wonko for 2 weeks.  

Right now I'm running those guest strips to give me some time to get a back catalogue going, if I get enough done I may be able to start updating twice a week.

I'm actually quite shocked at the quality of that comic you posted...I think I'm much better now.
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