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Author Topic: Hardware inclined people, hear my cry!  (Read 4394 times)


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Hardware inclined people, hear my cry!
« on: 10 Jun 2005, 13:06 »

So let's all sit down, take a deep breath, and imagine. Imagine a world where MilkmanDan has a beautiful shiny 15" G4 Laptop, blinged out with a shit ton of RAM and stuff. Imagine a world where no-one is quite cool enough to ignore the entire point of this post and tells me to get a windows laptop / desktop. A world in which MilkmanDan is horribly, crippingly addicted to downloading albums off bittorrent. A world where he gets twitchy when an album isn't downloading.
With this beautiful utopia in mind, I'll cut to the chase. I need 500GB of HDD space, I need that shit fully backed up, via the magic of RAID and 500GB more HDDs. These are not gonna fit in my laptop people, not even close. I have an 200GB external already, in a inclusure thing, it's called an 'icy box'. Whatever. I'm not getting 4 more of them and daisy chain firewiring 'em, that is silly. So how the hell do I manage this? Do they make fancy multiple-drive enclosures with indendant fans and crap, or what? How would I connect it? Firewire, I guess. Would that work? A friend said I should get a big (cheap) ol' desktop PC, gut the bitch, stick in all the HDDs, install Linux, and network it or someting. Is that possible? Sensible?

Next question. That's alot of HDDs. What's the best size to buy GB/ wise? Brands? Vendors (UK)? Do I want warranties and shit? Ebay? I really have no ideas.
Is 500GB space plus backing up to 500GB a good idea? I can't think how else to do it, because fuck burning them to DVDs.
How much is this shit gonna cost?
I don't know shit about hardware. Not shit. So, uh. Ideas?


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Hardware inclined people, hear my cry!
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jun 2005, 18:34 »

Lacie makes some huge external disks.  You can get 2 tera bytes in one case if you want.  They are costly but they are good.

They connect through firewire 800 400 or usb 2.0.  Probably what you are looking for.  I am sure there are other companies but lacie is a good brand name.  Ebay with no warrenty is a gamble and I don't know how much luck you would have.

Gutting the PC would work but I don't know how much cheaper it would be.  If you got a gigabit eithernet card it for the pc it should haul ass if you just connect to it through a cross over cable.  If you do regular 100 mega bit you are stuck at around 10mb per second transfure.  Which is fast, but 500gig's is HUGE.

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