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Author Topic: The 'Must Have' List  (Read 22370 times)


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The 'Must Have' List
« Reply #100 on: 27 Jun 2005, 09:13 »

AiH blows. They have, like, 10 people with a plethora of instruments, and THIS is the crap they waste it on?


Flaming Lips are awesome, though. Definently check out The Soft Bulletin.


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The 'Must Have' List
« Reply #101 on: 27 Jun 2005, 11:24 »

I've always found tracks like 'H8red' by Killing Miranda and 'My Girlfriends Girlfriend' by Type O Negative infinitely more fun than pop music. Goth is actually a tremendously fun genre.

Speaking of goth, everyone should own:

Sisters of Mercy - Floodland
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Juju
Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside/Bela Lugosi's Dead (or just Crackle)



Dead Can Dance - umm.....ummm....actually, get all of Dead Can Dance's albums.
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The 'Must Have' List
« Reply #102 on: 27 Jun 2005, 15:13 »

Quote from: MilkmanDan
GY!BE are alright, but they sure ain't the best. You want to hit up Explosions in the Sky, 65daysofstatic or Mogwai for the post-rock lovin'.

while i'm a giant mogwai/explosions in the sky fan, i really think that gy!be is the quintessential post-rock band.  haven't heard 65daysofstatic though.


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The 'Must Have' List
« Reply #103 on: 28 Jun 2005, 06:19 »

Yeah, if you say 'post-rock' most people will think GY!BE first. So, in that regard, i guess they would be THE post-rock to check out. They just don't excite me in the same way Explosions, Mogwai and 65DOS do.
If you haven't herad 65daysofstatic, you're basically missing out. They are totally, like, my favourite band evah. Epic post-rock with a glitchy electronica twist. I'll PM you a tune or two.

Anyway, yeah. GY!BE, eh? Good stuff.
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