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Author Topic: TheFutureEmbrace  (Read 4811 times)


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« on: 17 Jun 2005, 18:20 »

Yeah Billy Corgan's new solo cd. I don't think its out yet, but im listening to it on Rhapsody I really like it especially "To Love Somebody". Has anybody else heard it or like it or what?


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« Reply #1 on: 19 Jun 2005, 02:35 »

Heard it, a lot. PM me for information =P

I think it's not bad but I think that Billy has kind of been lying. He had kind of been stating in his blog entries that this was going to be a RETURN TO THE RAWK album. And what does he bring? ANOTHER muted down Machina!

At first I was all EWW OH NOES IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BILLY IS A HAS-BEEN. But after quite a few more listens, it's really growing on me. I think it's more Machina than Adore, but it's kind of neither at the same time. It has a more 80's feel to it, Depeche Mode yes. I'm starting to really dig the sound, it gets so much better with each listen- but I still feel that it's less personal/moving compared to other stuff like Adore.

Stand out tracks: The Camera Eye, To Love Somebody, A100.

You can barely hear Robert Smith on To Love Somebody but he's in there really subtly- and totally just adds to the effect. This song has been given a new perspective and a new kind of depth. I dig!


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« Reply #2 on: 21 Jun 2005, 11:29 »

I would say after listening to this for a few weeks that this album is much closer to Adore... which is a fantastic album too.
I like how Billy has lifted the veil on his lyrics and just said what he means rather then watering it down.
I've been enjoying it quite a bit :)
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