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Author Topic: so, a laptop for college  (Read 16410 times)

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so, a laptop for college
« Reply #50 on: 24 Jun 2005, 01:56 »

i actually plan on doing some majoring in english and music...
yeap, at the moment im going to be attending a community college, though.


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so, a laptop for college
« Reply #51 on: 24 Jun 2005, 22:10 »

For the garage band thing..  Ram is your friend.

I work at a computer store and our dual 2ghz g5 with 512 megs of ram chokes on large garage band files.  But my iMac 1.6 ghz with 1.25 gig's of ram does fine.

As far as what you can do with it, You can to the basic track mixing.  You can play your electric whatever through it simulateing different amps.  You can put filters on peoples voices to change their gender.  You can get a usb music keyboard and play different midi instruments.  There are also a ton of prerecorded loops you and put it..  Pretty neat stuff but I am pretty non-musical.

One thing to check out if you do get an mac is the Garage band version of NIN's the hand that feeds.  I had a bunch of fun with it.  You can make trent sound like a girl and make the percusion a tamborine or some other goofy thing..  Good times..



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so, a laptop for college
« Reply #52 on: 27 Jun 2005, 18:52 »

The main difference between an iBook and  powerbook is the video card.  The iBook has a Radeon 9200 with 32mb of RAM while the weakest Powerbook as a GeForce FX Go5200 with 64MB or ram (and the 15/17" can go up to 128).  Everything else down to the bus speed is pretty much the same, that and you can get a Powerbook up to 2GB ram, and the Powebook line has some nifty features like the backlit keyboard.  If you can save up the scratch the 15" PB is pure laptop sex.  If you can't, and yeah it is pricey, then an iBook will serve all your collegiate need with aplomb -- though you might have a problem with the streaming video at certain websites *cough*porn*cough*



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so, a laptop for college
« Reply #53 on: 28 Jun 2005, 08:29 »

I own and use a 17" Powerbook daily.  I would consider myself an audio professional, recording bands and music is more than half my income.

I <3 my powerbook very very much.  OSX is STABLE.  If you remember back to OS 7.5 or later, macs were very crash-prone, but not this thing.  I've owned it about 7 months now, and I think it's crashed maybe twice.

As far as college plans go, I recommend you go out and get the MS Office for OSX (student edition) for $150.  Now you have MS Word, and your english professor will be happy.  

For the internet:  Everything just works.  There's no BS about it.  No problems whatsoever so far.  I replaced my quicktime player with realplayer, but that's just because apple wants you to pay for full screen (yeah right).

For Audio:  I use Pro Tools, as most studios do.  It runs like a champ on here, I'm in the middle of recording an album right now that is 40 gigs big already.  It never crashes!  I can't stress that enough.  
You seem to want to fool around with garageband, I've messed with it a couple of times on here.  It's basically a stripped down version of Pro Tools, but with ACID-like loop sequencing.  My powerbook has 1 gig of ram, so garageband runs perfectly.  You'll want a lot of ram if you want to do music recording.

If you just want to use an iBook to record demo stuff, you'll be more than happy with garage band.  Go to radio shack, buy a mono to mono 1/4" to 1/8" cord, and plug your guitar or bass right into the audio in port on the iBook.  The sound quality isn't going to be amazing by any means, but you'll hear a guitar or a bass.  It won't sound horrible at all, definitely demo worthy.

If you have any other apple audio questions, just ask.  I completely recommend any apple computer though, they haven't failed me yet.
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