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Author Topic: Over There  (Read 6430 times)


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Over There
« on: 04 Aug 2005, 06:48 »

Wednesday nights at 10 on fx.

Is anyone else watching this?  It's a drama following a group of fictional American soldiers in Iraq.  It's two episodes in and it's good, but it's also pretty hard to watch.  It's graphic and really doesn't pull any punches, nor is it trying to push a specific agenda.

If you aren't, I'd recommend giving it a look see.


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Over There
« Reply #1 on: 04 Aug 2005, 08:27 »

No, I heard a piece on NPR about that, but never figured out when it was on.  It can't really keep track of tv schedules because I never watched TV until about 9 months ago.


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Over There
« Reply #2 on: 04 Aug 2005, 13:55 »

I've heard from several veterans that it is very unrealistic. To quote one of them;

Quote from: Brendean
What I saw of it (which wasn't much, have better things to do than watch FX make money off of the hardships my fellow soldiers endure) was about as accurate as a hubcap under Pompeii. I have never seen any enemy, and that includes the Jihadis, run across an open field spraying bullets at people. Nine times out of ten, when we were taking fire, we never saw the enemy outright, we would see movement in foilage or a muzzleflash in some rocks and pop shots at the give-away. Hell, I hit people I never saw by shooting at sounds. As for the Jihadis, most of the ones I have seen in the footage we have gotten back for training do not show any of them wearing ski masks, nor can I think of why they would. Generally, they run around dressed like civilians, which is why they have hurt and killed as many of our people as they have. In a real conflict, if you see a building full of AK-47-wielding men in ski masks shooting at you, they will be meeting Mr. JDAM in short order.

(ed. note: JDAM = Joint Direct Attack Munition, also known as planes.)
also israel
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