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Author Topic: MOTORAMA  (Read 6974 times)

My Aim Is True

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« on: 22 Jul 2005, 07:47 »

Anyone ever seen this movie? They used to show it on TBS a lot, and then for years I couldn't find it anywhere. It is seriously one of my favorite, bizarre, low budget, unknown films.

It's about a ten year old boy who runs away from home and tries to win a multi-million dollar prize in a contest sponsored by a gasoline company. It was made in 1991, and directed by Barry Shils, whose only other directing credit was for "After Hours," which Martin Scorsesee won an Oscar for. The star of the movie (in fact, the only character in the movie for more than about 10 minutes) was a 10 year old boy. I wonder what he's up to now?

I only have a burned copy right now. Someday, I have to figure out whose dick I have to suck to get a special edition made. It could have interviews with Flea, Meatloaf, and Drew Barrymore, who all had cameos in the film.
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« Reply #1 on: 26 Jul 2005, 21:04 »

If you find out who's dick it is, please let me know because perhaps if I do a reasonably good job of it as well, I'd like to get a special edition of The Flight of Dragons.

That movie was one of the ones that MADE my childhood, and I only know of two other people who are familiar with it.

The theme song haunts me to this day.
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