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Author Topic: jack thompson interview on chatterbox  (Read 2776 times)


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jack thompson interview on chatterbox
« on: 12 Aug 2005, 11:43 »

The front page of the Chatterbox radio show links a long interview with Jack Thompson, a crazy media watchdog who keeps showing up to decry videogames:

Now, the first and last sections of the interview are the usual stuff with him ranting crazy talk, but in the middle there's a part that really caught me off-guard: he's giving the games industry advice regarding dealing with media watchdogs like him.  I don't think either he or the interviewer are really aware of what's going on (indeed, the interviewer comes off as an annoying dumbass in this part of the interview,) but somehow the flow of the conversation resulted in Jack explaining that Rockstar needs to stop providing watchdog groups with ammunition, or that the rest of the games industry needs to decry what Rockstar is doing (he was talking about the upcoming Bully game specifically,) or else watchdog groups are going to be in an even stronger position for the next battle.

It was unexpected that Jack Thompson would try giving the games industry man-to-man advice on moves it should be making as part of its strategy.  You'd think he'd be happy to let the industry shoot itself in the foot (and indeed, earlier in the interview he is happy about it.)


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jack thompson interview on chatterbox
« Reply #1 on: 13 Aug 2005, 06:18 »

Sam, I do believe I want to break your friend's hands, thus taking away all ability to type anything ever again. I admit, I'm no perfect typist, but that piece of work was just horrendous. Tell your friend that I am giving him a failing grade in English.
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jack thompson interview on chatterbox
« Reply #2 on: 13 Aug 2005, 07:17 »

That letter's nothing to the supposed "death threats" and Thompson's reaction to them. Some angry gamers sent him stuff like "VIDEO GAMES ARE MY LIFE, SO I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!!!" and he freaks out and tries to get the FBI to investigate. I highly doubt they're actually doing anything.


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jack thompson interview on chatterbox
« Reply #3 on: 13 Aug 2005, 18:39 »

Not only did he spell poorly and use poor grammar, he completely ignored all professionalism that should be used when talking to people whose deisions and views you disagree with. A better draft of the letter would be much more like:
(I am assuming he is speaking of hot coffee)

Mr Jack Thompson,
  I believe that you have made a large error in your newly added comdemnation of Rockstar's game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The "hot coffee" data was not intended for release to the public. The programmers and game designers themselves realised that this scene is far too much for their game and thus disabled and locked out the data. The only reason that the data could not be completely removed is for the simple fact that if they removed the data completely, it would cause major instibility in the software. It was the action of players of San Andreas that unlocked this data on the disc, and you should not hold Rockstar responsible for an act that they are not responsible for. I hope that you will try to do more research on the subject and come to a more reasonable view on this game.

With all due respect,
[Insert your name here.]

There is no reason to lose your head when dealing with people like this. If you talk like he did in his message, it merely perpetuates the person's vision against the people whom he is campaigning.

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jack thompson interview on chatterbox
« Reply #4 on: 16 Aug 2005, 12:22 »

Yeah, if you go "OMG IM GONNA KILL YOU ZOMG!!!" then that just proves his point.

Some people are morons. Nah, that's not right. LOTS of people are morons.


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jack thompson interview on chatterbox
« Reply #5 on: 16 Aug 2005, 17:25 »

I like the bit at the beginning where he really grabs your attention by debating with himself exactly what percentage of shit Thompson is made up of.

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You are 100% made of SHIT. not 90% not even 95%. 100% shit. hell mabey 110. why stop there? lets go with 176%. nah.. to low..

then he moves on to the persuasive

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seriosly, WHAT THE HELL??

I'm surprised that being presented with such a compelling argument hasn't made Thompson change his mind!
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