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Author Topic: Recommed a Webmail that doesn't require java/ javascript?  (Read 6064 times)


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I use Gmail and it is wonderful;
I want a 2nd account with someone else with one of those "remeber me" options so I can just click "Gmail - Inbox" in my browser and go straight to gmail inbox without inputting a password or anything, and some other account with the same so I can have a similar shortcut to it too.
Gmail is nice because it loads in about a nanosecond in "Basic mode" with java etc disabled.  But I don't know of any other webmails that are the same.  Can anyone recommend one:?
(I am currently looking to ditch my appalling ICQMail account, and have tried MSN & yahoo, neither of which seem to work (yahoo is great, it briefly displays a tantalising glimpse of your email before booting you)).


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Recommed a Webmail that doesn't require java/ javascript?
« Reply #1 on: 01 Oct 2005, 00:06 »

I came into this thread prepared to recommend GMail... :-(

The only other e-mail service I've ever used is Yahoo, so I don't really have any suggestions. You could always re-register with GMail, of course.
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