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Author Topic: Mini comic + constructive crits, please?  (Read 3900 times)


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Mini comic + constructive crits, please?
« on: 26 Jun 2008, 22:43 »

hi guys. i got an idea for a little minicomic spinoff from my main webcomic, and i thought the qc forums would be an appropriate venue for my shit. anyway, i'm no ART SKOOL student, i'm just a normal person with years of margin-doodling under my belt and a set of french grey prismacolors in my fist. so i'd like some feedback!

bigger version for the firefox-or-elderly demographic:


some context: uhh, it's kind of from a superhero-esque story. nate (the d-bag) can multiply himself from bits of his body that have detached from him, so in the second page, first frame, new clones are rising from his blood and are saying "a tribe called quest" and "two dollar PBRs." i know it's super hard to read! sorry! :[

if you like my stuff -- and these characters -- please check out my webcomic, "twelve steps from superman," at i know the artwork on the actual comic itself is kind of shoddy, but i've been working hard to improve my art throughout the forty-some pages it's spanned, so you know the drill: haters, to the left ...

that's all i've got, guys! thanks for your crits in advance!
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Mister Arkadin

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Re: Mini comic + constructive crits, please?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jun 2008, 15:57 »

I like it. the composition is really good and the idea is interesting. the proportions, especially for the arms, look a little off but otherwise it's pretty damn good.
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