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Author Topic: Thanks and a half  (Read 3538 times)


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Thanks and a half
« on: 12 Oct 2005, 08:52 »

Just wanted to post the results of the "something for the little lady" thread from a few months back. I got side tracked and never really got around to getting a game for her for quite a while and then fell across We <3 Katamari one day and picked it up because "FTW" kept ringing in my head.

I'd like to thank the following people for making my fiancee quite possibly the giddyesy she's been in ages when playing a game;
Inanimate object
Something Witty
Atomic Wedgie
I will thank you as I only know how. If you want a custom avatar just let me know in a pm. I was just gonna say thanks but Cindy's reaction to the game is beyond what I thought possible. She's actually asked me to play it before she goes to sleep so it's kinda become a bedtime story... I know that sounds odd but it just kinda worked out that way.

Anyway, freebie avatars(yes even minorly animated if you so wish) for any of the above mentioned peoples if ya want.. if not... well you have my thanks and thats the best I can offer I guess. :)

EDIT: Sorry, just realised this thread is kinda lock worthy. Could ya leave it up for a bit just so people have time to read it? Thanks!


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Thanks and a half
« Reply #1 on: 12 Oct 2005, 08:55 »

Thanks for the offer but I'm pretty good at making avatars.  Including animated ones (eg. my current avatar.)

Also, the katamari rolls up another true believer!


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Thanks and a half
« Reply #2 on: 12 Oct 2005, 09:12 »

Is it true they have a version of the main theme "performed" by a bunch of animal sounds?  I'm getting this on Friday, finally.
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