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  • 08 Apr 2020, 05:28
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Author Topic: Damn You, Willis! (Dumbing of Age) PART 2  (Read 28681 times)


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Re: Damn You, Willis! (Dumbing of Age) PART 2
« Reply #350 on: 05 Apr 2020, 07:31 »

I don't think Sal would call the police even in this situation, for a similar reason to why Sarah was reluctant to bring in the police (and on top of that, Sal has a record...) But I wouldn't be surprised if Asher has already called the police.

Also, I've been wondering through this what Blaine's (I had forgotten his name in that earlier post) angle is. He wants Amber out of college so he doesn't have to pay tuition, but so far he's only talked about The Toe's goals. But... suppose Blaine does know that Amber is Amazi-Girl, but is pretending not to know to manipulate her. In that context, Dorothy's comment in today's comic makes Blaine's goal a lot clearer: if Blaine knows that Amber is Amazi-Girl, then it makes sense to manipulate her into going on a mission that's likely to get her arrested -- and kicked out of college.
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