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Author Topic: Quake IV Redux thread *spoilers involved, possibly*  (Read 4655 times)


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Got it today. I'm up to a section where you're trying to escape in a walker... then you round a corner and come up against one of those bloody harvester things. Got killed eight times then decided to take a break.

impressions: Well, it's better than DOOM 3 in about fifty ways. It really would seem to be showing off what the D3 engine is capable of, but in such a mind-blowingly cool way that it doesn't feel like any kind of a technical demo.

The opening in particular is awesome cool. you start out viewing a star field, and there's some heroic music in the background. A marine appears in the view, staring out into the stars. Then the camera pulls back and you realise that he's dead. VERY dead. Missing everything below the navel and half his face dead. And he's only one of several such marines inside what is turning out to be a field of debris from a starship that got blown away.

Then three more huge battleships warp in and the camera tracks one - the USS Patton - as it flies by, sliding past only meters from where the camera is.

Then it cuts to your squad prepping for battle. Their dropship launches, and then a missile locks onto it. At the very start of the game, you're lying there, stunned. Then you get up, and you're moving. Bombs and missiles are dropping all around you. dropships and fighters are being blown from the skies. The USS Patton sends an all channels mayday as it starts getting carved up by orbital defences.

From that lot onwards, it's pure run and gun. But it's FUN run and gun.  It's challenging, but still fun. And the game itself is genuinely atmospheric.

I don't mean "atmospheric" as in pitch black - there are sections that are dark all right, but they're none of them very long, and in the minority. Most of the time, you can easily see the enemy. But it still has character. It's quite a grisly, almost horrific character at times. There's one section where you're reporting for a briefing aboard a marine starship, and you overhear a medical officer talking on the line:

"Who is this? I'm not getting a reading off your medchip."
"My medchip's damaged."
"What?! But it's implanted right next to your heart!"
"I know. I'm looking at it."

A very cool game. I recommend it.


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Quake IV Redux thread *spoilers involved, possibly*
« Reply #1 on: 22 Oct 2005, 21:16 »

Heh, I've been into Quake ever since I found II behind a pinball machine at a ski mountain (Berkshire East, Charlemont, MA).

Looks very happifying.
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Quake IV Redux thread *spoilers involved, possibly*
« Reply #2 on: 22 Oct 2005, 23:57 »

I would like some elaboration on the Lovecraftian wierdness of Q1, personally.  But sounds like D3 done right.

Just gotta de-b0rk my display drivers.  Fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck.


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Quake IV Redux thread *spoilers involved, possibly*
« Reply #3 on: 08 Nov 2005, 06:54 »

Yeah, I'm also loving Q4. Just so much FUN. It looks so gorgeous (and disgusting) too. Those 3 levels, the dispersion plant, recomposition plant, and putrification plant were fantastic, really raised the bar for fantastic creative (and disturbing) environment design.
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