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Author Topic: Tech Help  (Read 3794 times)


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Tech Help
« on: 01 Dec 2005, 14:01 »

I have a friends computer, it wasn't working. apparently the previous repairman fried the mobo, and ram, and gave it back. I ordered a new mobo (asus K7) and 256DDR400.

I got it working, and gave it back. upon them installing it, it booted up once and died.

I went over and tested it, the powercord was real loose in the Powersupply.

Brought it back, ran the HDD through my k7 since i figured it might be that, it was hanging at bios. (Its an IBM Deskstar lol)

Nope works fine in my PC. Even more my good Maxtor does NOT work in their mobo.

The ram, HDD and videocard all work seperatly, but once I put the thing together, it stops. I've tried 2 different pairs of ribbon cables too.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

(pathetic but IRL I am A+cert and work as a pc tech)


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Tech Help
« Reply #1 on: 01 Dec 2005, 14:32 »

Sounds to me like the power supply is fucked. Try running the mobo you bought with your hardware, if it's all interchangable. Of course, if the power supply has killed the new mobo, it won't help much, but you know, just to be certain.
And check the PSU for faulty capacitors, though I would think twice about actually opening it.
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