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Author Topic: Tracking down a Y! messenger user  (Read 3546 times)


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Tracking down a Y! messenger user
« on: 12 Feb 2006, 15:48 »

I was chatting earlier with someone on yahoo messager - turns out that I didn't add her to my list properly - since then I logged out and my message history was erased.   I also can't find her profile link in the member search (over 500 matches).   Failing this I tried using an undelete program to try and find the message archive file - turns out it was overwritten so no use.

I really want to get back in contact with this girl,  but have no idea what more I can do to track her down.    I'm hoping she will remember my ID - cos she certainly didn't add me - and msg me (it all ended well,  so I see no reason she wouldn't)

Any Ideas guys.    (btw, this is a totally internet thing,  she be in New Yoik,  I be in UK)
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