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Author Topic: 01000111011100100110010101100101011101000110100101101110011001110111001100101100  (Read 4577 times)


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  • The time for ends has ended.

0) No, I'm not that good with binary, I used a converter.CHEATER I IZ.

1) Hey, I'm Ben. I've been reading since . . .  wow. It's been so long, and I've re-read the archives too many times; I can't remember exactly. Over a year, at least. Tried joining the forums at least three times before this, blah blah blah, you know how the song goes.

And this is far too long, I shortened it some. This isn't Facebopk, after all.

10) tl;dr version of all the below junk: I'm basically the guy from XKCD #606, but with more sense than to go running up to friends all exicited about an old game. I like some RPGs. I pretty much mod every major gaming device I get, and I get them all for dirt cheap thanks to the whole XKCD606 thing.

Also, I'm a vegetarian computer nerd that uses GNU/Linux+Xorg operating systems -- and you thought I was going to go on in the same sentence with more nerdy things didn't you?  :mrgreen:

11) I like making jokes about things. They usually aren't very good. At all.

100) I like playing some video games.
  • Elder Scrolls III with lots of graphics updates (ugh what a cruddy engine, even 2007-era hardware chokes at high settings)
  • Elder Scrolls IV (beat the main quest and haven't played it since)
  • Halo. Not a fanboi, thank you.For reasons that have nothing to do with sucking in multiplayer, or even at Heroic more than halfway through the campain.  :laugh:
  • Metroid Prime -- haven't beaten it yet, though
  • Metroid Fusion -- haven't beaten it yet either. Somehow I like it better than Metroid Prime . . .

and . . .  
  • Pokemon Emerald/FireRed and XD: Gale of Darkness. :oops:
101) Yes, Metroid Prime and Pokemon XD:... mean I have a Gamecube. Bite me  :evil: It's black with a decent skin, has the digital output so I can get 480p out if I get the digital A/V cable, and between that Pokemon XD, a link cable, and actual FireRed/Emerald cartridges I can get almost all the pre-4th-gen Pokemon there are.

110) Sorry, I don't have a 360/PS2/PS3/Wii/PSP/Nintendo DSx. I only just bought a Gameboy Advance SP, for crying out loud. I get games on a 5-year -- or more -- lag. So I can't game online with you.

111) What I do have:
  • A modchipped,  "old-school" Xbox
-- with all the games I own backed up to its 80GB hard drive and on which I can play Gameboy/GameboyColor/GameboyAdvance games on a large-screen TV in 720p/1080i. Or most other things pre-PS1, for that matter -- just have to install the emulator for that. Or play movies in hi-def. I also sprayed it dark red on the X-shaped part, with silver accents, with vinyl dye. Anything anyone with an Xbox could do, if they researched and tried. Nothing really special.  :psyduck:

  • The aforementioned Gamecube that will remain unmodded, aside from the skin that was on it when I paid the US$20 for it and the US~$40 for
    a few games for it.

  • About a dozen computers, total. Yeah, too many even for me. I'm too good at knowing people who think computers are like cars or lightbulbs and have to be replaced every three years because "they get slow". :rolleyes:
  • The silver Gameboy Advance SP I just bought. I might mask things off extremely carefully and spray the top with some leftover silver vinyl dye, just to take care of the scratches. I don't know yet.
  • A vinyl-dyed-red Sears Video Arcade II, circa the 1980s or so. (As in Atari 2800, if you've never heard of one.  :wink:

1000) I suck at Pitfall. Goddamn crocs!

1001) In non-computer-and-other-assorted-nerdism pasttimes, I watch a few TV shows from time to time. Mainly NCIS, Law and Order: SVU (but can never remember even main characters' names  :roll:), the first few seasons of House M.D., and a couple others I don't remember at the moment.

1010) I plan to go back to college and get a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Telecommunications or something similar, and try to get a job as a network administrator at a small- to medium-sized company.

1011) While you've been reading this, this week's WCT (the Dora/Marten breakup arc) has grown another two or three pages.
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