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Author Topic: Welcome to the QC forum! PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE NEW  (Read 47562 times)

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Welcome to the Questionable Content forum! New people keep forums alive and we're glad to have new contributors.

This forum may be different from others you've participated in. There are some non-standard items in the forum rules which are really important: be sure to take a look at them and PM a moderator with questions if you're not sure what they mean in practice.

The cryptically named "WCDT" thread is the Weekly Comic Discussion Thread. It's the place for discussion of current comics.

Don't be intimidated that everyone seems to know each other. Decent people who post interesting things will be accepted. As with any place, it's a good idea to get a feel for how things are done, by poking through old threads or lurking for a while.
We try to be a better place than your average Internet forum. Courtesy and respect will not be wasted here!  Thoughtful posts are prized.

One of the key things you need to understand about how things work is that it's Jeph's comic, not ours. What that means is that the forum is for discussion, speculation, even criticism (specific and respectful), but not for posting about how you would write it, or heaven forbid telling Jeph what to do. Creativity is good, and there's a whole subforum for it, but only Jeph gets to be creative with the QC characters.  In particular, "shipping" is not allowed - there is a discussion of this in the Conduct in this forum thread.

If you have a question about the strip, it may have been discussed already: if the forum's search function doesn't treat you well, try Google with the site: operator, e.g. "Vicky". There's a lot of material in the wiki  (but it's full of spoilers). The wiki in turn points to even more QC resources. Happy browsing!
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