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Author Topic: This Ain't A Console War, It's a Genocide (Sales Figures! Ooooh!)  (Read 30575 times)

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The problem with the TV out is that a game played on the PSP will still be in the resolution meant for the PSP's screen, which would look like shit on an ordinary TV, and even worse on a bigass HDTV. That being said, I hope Sony doesn't pull a PS3 on this and jack up the price of the redesign to 250 or whatever, because if the God of War game is amazing like the other two and the ports of the first two Star Ocean games aren't broken, I'll probably begrudgingly cough up for a PSP.
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It's official:

[url]The Wii has surpassed the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales.[/url] It took them less than nine full months to do it.
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Some of my points in this post have been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but I shall repeat them with my main point.  Developers want to target as many people as possible with the games that they produce, and this creates many issues.  One of the most expensive things in a video game can be the art assets.  This means that the common goal is to be able to use the same assets on every platform that a game is released on.  With this being the case, people who buy a console want the games that they get to be pushing the boundries of the system.  When making a game for the PS3 or 360 you can use the same assets because the systems are so close together in performance capabilities.  But you would not want to use the same assets you use for the Wii on these consoles, because your game may appear to be dated.  Now, this does not mean that games won't come out on all 3 platforms.  It does mean, however, that when chosing the "low point" for the console, a developer can make the game and the assets for the 360 and then fairly easily make it work on a PS3 or PC.  This is made even more easy when licensing an engine which is capable of cross platform production.  It can really be as easy as changing a flag to make the game work on multiple platforms if your assets are within system limitations.

I'm not trying to say that the Wii is a bad system or won't ever see the same quality of games as other systems, I'm just trying to point out some considerations.  When a developer is making a game for an adult market, like a Grand Theft Auto, they can be fairly certain that a large number of people who own a PC, 360, or PS3 and consider themselves gamers will be spread out across the 3 platforms.  So when they want to make the game, and have the option to make it across all 3 and have it look like a current generation game, they will most likely take that path.  This does mean though, that the Wii is a more likely target for a game when the developer is trying to hit a wide range of people with a lower production cost.

That is by far the smartest move that Nintendo made with the Wii and deciding to stay out of the console race.  The system is far cheaper to produce games that look as good as first part games, and with the recent sales numbers it has a large target audience.  Those does mean though, that most games for the Wii will be targeting the wide range of players.  Don't expect something like Ninja Gaiden to show up on the Wii, the market of "hardcore gamers" is pretty well established in the 360 and PS3.

That is all I have to add to this conversation, I hope I have not bored anyone with my long string of thoughts. 
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