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Author Topic: The Great Porn Debate  (Read 58150 times)

Jimmy the Squid

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Re: The Great Porn Debate
« Reply #250 on: 09 May 2008, 16:55 »

my girlfriend finds all sexual experiences with me quite forgettable.
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Re: The Great Porn Debate
« Reply #251 on: 10 May 2008, 12:30 »

You're pulling up stats, don't do that unless you know.

I take issue with the notion that "you will not, ever, rape someone if you have the right morals implanted". I disagree, and think people can. Ordinary people can do and have done awful things under the right (wrong) circumstances. Morals aren't the sole factor in making many people's decisions, so I don't think they're sufficient to prevent rape.

Also, is english your first language? Is it rude for me to be pointing out your grammatical mistakes?

First, as said, I'm Norwegian. And I'm better than most people, which is rather bad, because I have a lot of flaws. I think some of the mistakes might be because I've just had an mock exam in german for which I read a hell of a lot, so my English has probably been influenced. It's not rude to point them out, just if you bother, do it in a PM, for obvious reasons. Because I always want to improve my English.

Okay, I'm pulling back the, if I said something in the direction of it "you will not rape if you have the right morals implanted". The right thing to say would be "you will be less likely to rape if you have the right morales implanted". I just believe that if you have those morals implanted, you have something to fall back on. I do not know what triggers someone into raping, but I'll try to guess.

Say someone is alone, sad and a bit druk, and extreamly horny. And sees a good-looking girl, walking alone, dressed in not too much, and in a dark alley. Now, if this guy has been told by his parents or whoever he grew up with that rape is wrong, he will probably not rape her. Probably. If he hasn't been told that, society and it's not-so-charming woman-view and possible rape porn, can just tip him over the edge to the mindsett needed to rape.

Seriously, this counts for all cases, parents must implant morals into their childs subconscious. If these morales are wrong, the person will, when older, be able to change them through logic thinking. But somebody taught to respect women and sexuality, will be less likely to do something like rape. Or hip-hop videoes, but that's another discussion.

PS: I always write these things from a male perspective (like "he will/will not rape) since the majority of rapes is done by men.

PSPS: And I haven't added my gender to my profile? ohmygosh, will do now. I'm a man.
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