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Author Topic: Games with terrible endings  (Read 69706 times)


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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #200 on: 21 Jun 2008, 04:47 »

Hahah, this page and the post just before it are funny because I just saw the ending to MGS4 and came here to see what you guys thought about it.
Great ending to a great series.


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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #201 on: 22 Jun 2008, 15:51 »

I came in this thread just to see if there was a post about MGS4. I loved the ending, and if you expected something happy you really don't know Kojima.

Farewell, Solid Snake, and thanks for 20 years of memories. /salute

So you came in this thread just because you were expecting a negative post about MGS4, so that you could defend it? That doesn't scream fanboy at all.

Yeah, that's what I did. And yes, it does. Any further questions? I did sort of fumble up there, but I didn't mean to sound like I came here just to defend it. I came here to see what the perspective from a negative standpoint was. Can we still be friends?


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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #202 on: 25 Jun 2008, 12:36 »

A Winner is You
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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #203 on: 03 Jul 2008, 02:40 »

Metal Gear Solid 2, not 4, had a terrible ending.

You talk about your games where nothing is resolved, Jesus. Especially once you learn what's happened to Raiden in the interum - the entire game is simply one depressing moment after another. MGS 4 had some of this as well, but it balanced it with some pretty triumphant moments as well, and the sad ones were poignant. Whodathunk that Ocelot's double finger guns and "you're pretty good" would ever evoke even a single manly tear? MGS 4 = GREAT ending.

But MGS 2 - even the final "twist" in the post-credits dialogue turns out to be a red herring. And the whole real-clips-of-people-walking-around-New-York thing feels forced and patronizing, and generally like a sad excuse for a game that doesn't have a real ending, no real cadence point to resolve with. The game itself was fun, but in retrospect, MGS 2 stands out to me as the series weak point for a lot of reasons.



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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #204 on: 03 Jul 2008, 20:18 »

From what I can recall Shinobi for the PS2 had a really lame ending. It was a fun game and all (it always bothers me when a game uses the same damn monsters for every level and just recolors them) but wasn't very generous with its storyline.
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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #205 on: 07 Jul 2008, 15:42 »

Twilight Princess

Again, excellent game, fun boss battles, nice story running up until... the end. 

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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #206 on: 07 Jul 2008, 15:55 »


I mean, what can I say? There's all that plot, all that exposition! The tension and fear and pain and then...

The cards do a little dance. Deal again?

Elite and Elite II: Frontier. Both games with tiresome endings.
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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #207 on: 07 Jul 2008, 19:42 »

The Ending to MGS4.

Terrible in the fact that nothing about it makes you happy. At all.

I almost cried.

It's also about an hour long.
If you almost cried, I'd say that's pretty good writing. Evoking emotion is one of the main purposes of art.
It was long, yes, but that (the abundance of cutscenes) was what made it such a fun and awesome game. They didn't slack one bit on the story. It reminded me of a really well-done movie, except the cliché of Snake saving everyone literally seconds before they were going to die. Aside from that, that's the best ending I have ever seen in a video game. Don't start naming video games with good endings, because I haven't played every game ever.


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Re: Games with terrible endings
« Reply #208 on: 07 Jul 2008, 23:10 »

Alone in the Dark?
I really liked playing the game because of the inventory & things like blasting doors open. (I wish there was more with the physics, like barricades or something)
Unfortunately the last chapter boiled down to getting screwed one way or another and then the game ends. I was expecting something some apocalyptic finale with the lightbringer, or Crowley ... or someone. Every earlier boss had a bigger climax.


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