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Author Topic: Marten's Hair  (Read 5125 times)


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Marten's Hair
« on: 16 Sep 2008, 13:39 »

I would really like a hairstyle similar to Marten's (but not cartoon hair, obviously).

What I'm looking for is a description of the hair, or preferably a picture of a person with similar hair to his, because if I walk into the hairdresser's with a webcomic in my hand, I'll be laughed off the premises.  :-(

Thank you.

I'm still reading the archives, so I figured I'd post a link just in case he's changed his hairstyle.  :mrgreen:
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Re: Marten's Hair
« Reply #1 on: 16 Sep 2008, 16:15 »

I think the technical name for the haircut is "shaggy".  Possibly "unkempt".


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Re: Marten's Hair
« Reply #3 on: 17 Sep 2008, 12:58 »

Just ask em for standard hipster haircut #4. They'll know what you want.


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Re: Marten's Hair
« Reply #4 on: 17 Sep 2008, 20:04 »

This guy in the look alikes thread has similar hair.

I couldn't help but notice that both myself and Marten, have black scruffy hair and are both very skinny.

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