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Author Topic: Random Web Design Thread Appeared!  (Read 21791 times)


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Re: Random Web Design Thread Appeared!
« Reply #50 on: 11 Jan 2009, 07:11 »

Design for XHTML 1.0.

Thread derailing time.

No, don't. The *one and only benefit* of XHTML is that it's XML (a rather dubious benefit anyway). But, if you actually use XML, Internet Explorer will barf. So you'll have to tell the browser it's text/html instead. At that point you've lost the one benefit, and odds are you're not even going to be using valid XML since your tools will be parsing as HTML and won't catch things like missing CDATA blocks.

In conclusion, please do validate your pages and attempt to use good design and development practices, but stick to HTML in 99.9% of cases.
I meant XHTML best practices, I.e. Semantic markup, and code that validates as XHTML. Use an XHTML doctype and HTML mime type, of course.


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Re: Random Web Design Thread Appeared!
« Reply #51 on: 12 Jan 2009, 19:40 »

So this time, I am actually busy with school. We have exams this week. After that, I'll get my paying customer done first. And then Jens'.
And yeah, a guy from here, not sure who though is needing me to make him somewhere to display his photography.
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