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Author Topic: A Nice Chat: The Game  (Read 36716 times)


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #100 on: 06 Feb 2009, 13:39 »

meridian: oh hey,
HugeCock: As in the Prime Meridian?
HugeCock: Hi.
meridian: no, you as a big as you think you are
HugeCock: Not the biggest in the world...
HugeCock: But hey, even if it was...
HugeCock: You wouldn't believe me.
meridian: then aren't you a lucky boy
HugeCock: Not always.
meridian: cause, if you had the biggest cock in the world, you'd faint every time you get an erection
HugeCock: Exactly.
HugeCock: A lot of good that does.
meridian: not much, as soon as they faint the blood rushes back into their body
HugeCock: Exactly.
HugeCock: And chances are, you'd never get laid.
HugeCock: Cause veryone would shit bricks.
meridian: I mean, the people with the biggest cocks are dudes with acromegaly
meridian: enlarged extremities but no sex drive
HugeCock: Looks fucking painful
meridian: it would be, the spot where the shaft meets the pubic region would have a metric shit-tonne of strecth marks
HugeCock: ...
meridian: ew
HugeCock: Bleack.
meridian: cordon bleu
meridian: i know it's dish but it souns like someone being sick
HugeCock: Yup

guess who I am


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #101 on: 06 Feb 2009, 14:00 »

Oh lawdy

train: hello
:I: :I
train: :/
:I: :O
train: :s
:I: trains are heavy
train: 8====D
:I: :O
train: :O===8
:I: :X
train: :(
:I: :I

So apparantly this site has been bouncing about 4chan for a while and a new thread got posted about it... maybe best to come back later.
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still new here, didn't wanna piss anyone off


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #102 on: 06 Feb 2009, 14:10 »

bbut joseph hocking!! aren't you engaged??????

I also told him "except for this one girl ruyi. guys who see her sunbathing usually throw up. The ones who don't win an award I think."


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #103 on: 06 Feb 2009, 16:11 »

I got someone named troll.
they posted a photo of "ashy larry" and started typing random letters
then they disconnected


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #104 on: 06 Feb 2009, 20:39 »

I don't understand why people don't give me a chance. I mean, this happened several times:

necro: hi, how are you
random: oh no, not again

Whats the problem?
He even really sponsored terrorism! Libya's like Opposite-Iraq, where all the lies are true!


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #105 on: 06 Feb 2009, 20:58 »

I got someone named troll.
they posted a photo of "ashy larry" and started typing random letters
then they disconnected

I asked troll if he lived in a cave or under a bridge, he said he didn't so I asked if he was a city-dwelling troll. He said nothing then I told him to be proud of his cultural heritage and how rich it was. He then disconnected.
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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #106 on: 06 Feb 2009, 22:03 »

iron: hi
an horse: hi Fe
iron: are we posting elements? if so Xe is my fave
an horse: Hg
an horse: is mine
iron: nice
an horse: something about liquid heavy metals
iron: H rules all though
an horse: dude, it's just so common
iron: i hate saying it but its so true
an horse: He comes in at a close second
an horse: come on, what's an electron between friends
iron: yeah. i've learned to live with supporting number 54
an horse: oh well,
iron: i wish we could get higher but its not looking promising
iron: at least we're noble
an horse: meh
an horse: there is nothing noble abut being a loner
iron: I don't want to be a glory hunter though
an horse: at least I can make friends
iron: all those C fans
an horse: C fans are alittle picky
an horse: some are purists
iron: I can make friends i'm just picky
an horse: and then those guys are divided into differnet camps
an horse: well, i'm sure you can mingle
iron: yeah, i hate C purists
iron: "we can make diamond" well so what
an horse: the worst kind are the ones that are all like ooh buckmiesterfullerine yay
iron: at least graphite ones are useful
an horse: yeah, but sometimes they get all look at me I'm so special
iron: true
an horse: I can conduct electricity and am a solid lubricant
an horse: really, that's nothing
iron: i know
an horse: induction is so much cooler
iron: yeah
an horse: so, what do you like to do
iron: at least i support a stellar element
an horse: that's so cool
an horse: i could do something like that
an horse: i wish i could that is
iron: don't worry, we all have our uses
an horse: true dat
an horse: except, you know
an horse: I can make people kinda sick
iron: you can identify the temperature, thats cool
an horse: that's kinda why most people don't use me
iron: well, who can't you know
iron: discrimination, that is
an horse: it was a job I could do well
an horse: but then those hydo-carbon sluts came along
an horse: ooh look at me
an horse: I'm cheap
iron: yeah, cheap and nasty
an horse: and i don't locked up in fatty tissue
an horse: I don't even like salmon
iron: and they get the good press
an horse: fuck them, don't people realise
iron: what normal element doesn't like salmon?
an horse: hmm.
iron: i bet the salmon don't like them
an horse: yeah
an horse: alcohols are all poisonous
iron: yeah
iron: ethanol is cool though
an horse: kinda impractical
iron: well, at least its fun
an horse: yeah
iron: the party compound
an horse: they'll get with anyone
an horse: polar and non-polar compounds
an horse: yo, alkie wana get inside a me
an horse: yeah sure
an horse: okay
iron: thats so true
an horse: mm, when I'm inside of you mr alkene i just dissolve
iron: really, its the slutty compound
an horse: wat no I'm not mr alkene
an horse: I'm H2 ya know
an horse: h20
an horse: oh god, I'm so sorry
an horse: this is real embarassing
an horse: can we forget I said that
an horse: um, okay
an horse: mmmm disolve me faster
an horse: the sluts
iron: totally
iron: the group 1s are such show offs though
an horse: I'm so reactive
an horse: then you got the heavier ones
an horse: watch me lose my only electron
an horse: in my outer valence shell
an horse: oh yeah baby
iron: i'm sorry, this has completely lost me
an horse: well, because their lone electron is so far from the neucleus
an horse: the forces that hold everything together in the atom
an horse: don't act as strongly on it
iron: i get what you're saying but my knowledge of chemistry isn't great
an horse: nor is mine, senior high school chem
iron: yeah, same but i haven't done anything similar since and i don't really keep up with it
an horse:  yeah, asl?
iron: 20 m uk
an horse: 17 m Australia
iron: ah, well its fresh in your mind
an horse: yeah
an horse: so, the other day I was in Oxford street
an horse: that's like canary wharf
iron: london yeah
an horse: and this guy turns around and he's all like
an horse: yo goldie come over here
iron: goldie?
an horse: I'm like mercury
an horse: I'm blond right
iron: right
an horse: I turn around, the guys a real old nloke
an horse: bloke*
an horse: and he says, together let's mske some amalgam
an horse: gross
an horse: not that there's anything wrong with that
iron: ok
iron: well, preference and all that
an horse: yeah, but ever since
an horse: he's had me thinking
an horse: chemistry can be slutty
iron: you didn't know that?
iron: chemistry is probably the sluttiest of all
an horse: like the sharing of bonds, I already had that
iron: reactions here, there and everywhere
an horse: but metal on metal, hadn't occoured to me
an horse: me, i prefer non-metals
iron: not very common, to be fair
an horse: like not flourine, that bitch is easy
an horse: flourine is a bitch
iron: hey, don't talk about my sometime partner like that
an horse: sorry :(
iron: shes friendly, thats all
an horse: but aren't usually like with four of them at atime
an horse: dude, I admire you're work
an horse: but they're not what you want if you're looking for a girlfriend
an horse: jus monogamy
iron: i know but its so hard to find a partner
an horse: yeah, I know it can be hard for you
iron: sometimes i feel like fluorine is the only one who wants me, you know?
an horse: no offecne dude but flourine seems to want almost every body
iron: shes just really friendly. a bit naive, i guess
an horse: yeah,
iron: i think she feels misunderstood
an horse: she's useful though
iron: after the h20 issues and all
iron: its not her fault she makes people ill
an horse: jus like it's not mine
iron: some elements are just that way
an horse: it's in our nature
iron: yeah
iron: if people want to try and take advantage they have to take responsibility aswell
an horse: totally
an horse: like, if dump me in the ocean
an horse: as if I'm not gonna get stuck in the fat tissue
an horse: of another life form
iron: i know
an horse: it's heavy
iron: but its always your fault
an horse: hey!
iron: no, i mean thats what they say
an horse: but I wouldn't be there if people didn't just keep using me
iron: true
iron: i stay out of trouble, you know but i feel a bit unwanted
iron: underused
an horse: let it all out dude
iron: i wish i could bond more
iron: its not my fault
an horse: it's not
iron: i just like really high temperatures
iron: thats just how i am
an horse: you know it could get hot in here
iron: i don't know. you're a bit dangerous when hot
an horse: and you can get alittle sparky when you get excited
iron: its true. but its just our nature
an horse: maybe we could bond
an horse: if only just for a short while
iron: i don't think its possible
an horse: it wouldn't be permanent
an horse: just two atoms in heat
iron: well, maybe
an horse: shooting of electromagnetic waves
iron: sounds exciting
an horse: it could be
iron: shall we try?
an horse: yes, we shall
an horse: I feel the infrared warm past us
iron: i feel unstable
an horse: Oh feel unstable with me
iron: oooh, i feel a touch with something
iron: i think i'm bonding
an horse: don't worry, you're just starting to share
an horse: I'm bonding so hard
iron: is this what a bond feels like? its so good
an horse: i grab your excited elctron and thrust it deep in side of me
an horse: the electron bond bounces back and forth between us
an horse: faster and faster
iron: oh, yeah. that feels good
an horse: harder and harder
an horse: deep through me shells
an horse: we are both a quiver with the heat from the energy source
iron: ah, i think we're sticking!
iron: you said this was safe
an horse: we are together for but a breif moemnt in
an horse: pure union it's butiful
an horse: and then we explode
iron: oh no
an horse: oh yes
an horse: errrngh
iron: aah
an horse: of Xenon
an horse: oh Xeeeenon!
iron: heeelpp, i don't like it
an horse: yes you do, we both slow down
an horse: eou alowly withdraw your electron
an horse: satisfied
iron: that was dangerous
an horse: both exhausted
an horse: it was dangerous for those around us
iron: i don't know if i should do it again
an horse: the lab destroyed by the intensity of our bonding
iron: are we free?
an horse: we'd start again but the energy source is broken
an horse: we are free and pure
iron: oh, freedom
iron: wonderful
an horse: not as wonderful as when we binded
an horse: for a moment it was beautiful
iron: well, it was nice having this rather nerdy convo but its 6am here so i'm gonna have to go
an horse: bye


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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #107 on: 06 Feb 2009, 23:51 »

squids: hi
Kazoo: hello
squids: hahaha yeah
squids: kazoooo
squids: how's it going?
Kazoo: What is your first wish?
squids: should i tell you them?
squids: ol
squids: *ok
squids: umm
squids: wish one:
squids: a unicorn farm
Kazoo: Do the unicorns run the farm, or do you harvest unicorns?
squids: um
squids: neither
squids: we just hang out
squids: and are magical
squids: do... you have a wish?
squids: the farm was its own man
squids: apparently.
Kazoo: so it runs itself?
squids: dude at one point i wanted to start a kazoo orchestra. it never happened.
squids: possibly.
Kazoo: that would be pretty fucking annoying
Kazoo: I'd still watch it though
squids: haha yeah
Kazoo: you should start it now
squids: that's probably why i never went through with it
squids: also, not enough kazoos.
Kazoo: recessions are when people are willing to fund new and extreme ideas
squids: haha yeah
squids: i'll go get a piece of that stimulus bill
Kazoo: I will eat the stimulus bill
squids: mmm
Kazoo: it tastes like chocolate pie
Kazoo: I've never had chocolate pie
Kazoo: but I imagine that's what it would taste like
squids: ah
squids: well
squids: perhaps.
Kazoo: you should make
squids: maybe it only tastes like imaginary chocolate pie.
Kazoo: a triangle orchestra
squids: yesss
Kazoo: with some orcharinas
Kazoo: for safe measure
squids: who would win in a battle, the kazoo orch. or the triangle orch.?
Kazoo: they would never do battle
Kazoo: both are peaceful creatures

EDIT: also, the conversation above this one is *brilliant.* That is all.
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Re: A Nice Chat: The Game
« Reply #108 on: 07 Feb 2009, 12:50 »

man, it's hard out here for a pig

pig: hi Slinky!
Slinky: ;] hey.
pig: been down any cool stairs lately?
Slinky: whats up?
Slinky: D; you know it.
pig: man, I wish I was a slinky
pig: I'd be all "slink slink slink"
Slinky: mh. *offers a hug* ;3 you can be.
pig: how would a pig become a slinky?
pig: the idea is silly
Slinky: like this-
    <they ended it>

then I got this:

kok: fag
    <they ended it>
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