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Would QC be better if it were just a drama with no punchlines most of the time?

- 11 (18.6%)
- 48 (81.4%)

Total Members Voted: 53

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Author Topic: Would QC be better if it were just a drama with no punchlines most of the time?  (Read 5727 times)


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Most of my friends seem to think it would be better with just drama and no punchlines.  Today's comic made me curious enough to do a poll.


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I like QC the way it is. Sometimes you're in the mood for drama and sometimes you're in the mood for funny. True, sometimes the comic doesn't coincide with your mood, but you can always hit the archives for one that does. I wouldn't like it as much if it was always serious. I don't watch reality tv or soap operas and I don't really see myself reading a comic that's basically all about the drama. If it were just meant to be funny all the time, I'd probably still read it, but it certainly wouldn't be my favorite webcomic, which it currently is. My second favorite is also a mix of the funny and the serious. I've found that the comics that are mostly about the comedy are better as one offs or short arcs than as long running stories. You can't have real character development without some sort of conflict.
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QC without the punchlines (and the punchings) just wouldn't be QC.
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That is all.
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QC is a slice of life.  OK, not my life, and there's the AnthroPC thing, but other than that...

And life is drama, with the occasional punchline.  Even in "the Talk", there were puhchlines, and that's about as dramatic as it gets.  Humor is how we deal with strong emotions that may break us otherwise. 

Remember, every national disaster is quickly followed by some "tasteless" jokes (beccause it's "too soon").  They serve as an outlet.  The line between laughter and tears is a thin one, even biologically. 

Besides, I think Faye's looks at Sven in the last two frames are the punchline.  Or at least, they're a really good setup for one tomorrow...

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i tune in for the butt jokes

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I think a balance of both is never a bad thing.

I'm up for anything as long as Jeff is having fun.  That and if it changes and I don't like it, I can always wait it out/not read it.


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I voted yes, but it's a conditional one.

The comics that act as elaborate setups for jokes, but do not advance a plot, add depth to a character's personality, or illustrate the circumstances feel like filler a lot of the time. For a while I was reading the comic once a month because the plot moved too slowly for my tastes and daily / weekly visits would leave me feeling that nothing was really /happening/ in the comic.

So: keep the funny, but do not sacrifice anything for the sake of funny. Either it fits, or it doesn't.


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Holy shit, who would want this comic to go entirely in either direction???


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Currently, it's 90% punchlines and 10% drama.

60-40 would be nicer.


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My good sir, that's a horrendous idea.


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Life is a mix of funny and dramatic. For every person the dynamiic is different but I think QC does a good job of balancing the two just the way it is. *

* However life has less cliff-hangers, such is the nature of the story.  :roll:
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It seems pretty balanced right now, actually.  Jeph blends the relationship/drama aspect with clever humour almost every other strip, leaning a bit towards the comedy, but that's sort of comforting and a little realistic.  Shit happens in everybody's life, and if you aren't good-natured enough to let some steam off with a joke or two, you're going to end up pretty stressed.  



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