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Author Topic: Valve Hiring for Hardware Development  (Read 2154 times)


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Valve Hiring for Hardware Development
« on: 13 Apr 2012, 08:00 »

But I'm still confused as to what end. They've said before they don't plan to get into the console market ever. One of the possibilities being thrown around is a TV streaming device, which I could definitely get behind since my couch is much comfier than my computer chair and my TV is much larger than my PC, but I've got no ideas outside of that.


Re: Valve Hiring for Hardware Development
« Reply #1 on: 15 Apr 2012, 02:58 »

I was actually expecting them to focus on a TV box, something like a twice-yearly upgraded Valve PC to make it a bit easier for people to get into PC gaming. And if that wasn't realistic, then they were also talking about using biometrics in game testing, and give players in co-op feedback about the mental state of their squadmates, so you might expect them to develop a simple home heart rate monitor-galvanometer combination you plug into a USB port. That'd be cool as well, but it might make controlling your games a bit problematic because those things usually attack to your index finger.

But it's none of those. It's wearable interfaces. Didn't really see that coming, but Google is busy doing the same, so maybe they wanted in on a cut of the market?
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Re: Valve Hiring for Hardware Development
« Reply #2 on: 15 Apr 2012, 07:59 »

Hmmm...   Snow Crash
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Re: Valve Hiring for Hardware Development
« Reply #3 on: 15 Apr 2012, 11:12 »

Yeah, Mobile Computing. It was not what I was expecting in the least.

Also, I love Valve and their office model boggles my mind.


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Re: Valve Hiring for Hardware Development
« Reply #4 on: 16 Apr 2012, 18:52 »

I've had this feeling lately that if Valve put their mind to it, they could really become a huge force in tech markets, whether it's in hardware or software. Hell, they pretty much run PC gaming distribution, and have tons of talented tech workers willing to do anything to get into the company.
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