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Author Topic: Gunsmithing (no politics)  (Read 146294 times)

Is it cold in here?

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Thank you, Dr. Kariků.


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Re: Gunsmithing (no politics)
« Reply #401 on: 06 Jul 2017, 22:03 »

Nothing political here:  Just a very happy guy surrounded by Bikers of the retired military type.

This is me with my new Henry Arms Golden Boy in .30-30 Win.

Won it from a raffle to benefit homeless veterans.

Aint it just BEAUTIFUL.  I love the artistic form of brass, steel and wood.  :)

It's brand new, but it's like holding a museum piece.
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Re: Gunsmithing (no politics)
« Reply #402 on: 20 Jul 2017, 11:31 »

Nope, that one is actually real - it's an artillery sound suppressor courtesy of the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle fŁr Waffen und Munition 91 (WTD 91 - 'Defence Technology Service, Area 91 - Weapons and Ammunition') in Meppen, Germany.

For the history-buffs amongst you: The area that is now called WTD 91 has been an artillery shooting range for well over a century (since 1877) and many famous German boom-sticks were tested & developed there, e.g. various Naval Artillery pieces, the Imperial Army's "Big Bertha"-howitzer and the "Paris Gun", as well as the well-known Leopard I and Leopard II main battle tanks. And no, Germany has only seven WTD's for all three branches of its military, not close to a hundred - I guess the Bundeswehr likes to mess with people's minds as much as the next gun-nut ...  :laugh:
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