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Author Topic: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently  (Read 353782 times)


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Re: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently
« Reply #1550 on: 19 Sep 2022, 13:00 »

Rimworld is not like a mobile game. It has a mobile-y art style perhaps, but it's not mobile-y in play. There are mods out the wazoo for it too, so if you don't like the stock experience there's probably some way to fix it.  Maybe give the subreddit a look?

I have Frostpunk in my library but haven't played it. LPs of it that I have seen make it seem like there is a right way to lay out your city and  wrong way, and if you do the wrong way then you'll have a bad time. I don't know if that's a fair assessment though.

Surviving Mars is a game that I really want to like, but every time I play it, it somehow manages to demand too much control from the player but also not allow you control it. I hear the post-release patches and DLC fix some or all of that, but I don't have all of them.

I haven't got Timberborn but want to get it at some point. Ditto Farthest Frontier.

As for recommendations:

I had some fun with Cities Skylines a few years back. I don't think I ever got any of the DLC (at least none of the paid stuff). It has its quirks, for sure, but most of them are probably fixable with mods.

Oxygen Not Included is pretty fun. I never really got properly into it, but that's mostly because I get frustrated when things aren't perfect and restart.

Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo are more-modern takes on Roller Coaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon.

Two Point Hospital is Theme Hospital, but newer. IIRC it's made by the devs of the original. Pretty good fun if you like that sort of thing.Two Point Campus is the same, but with a school. I haven't played it , though mostly only because I don't want my backlog to get too much bigger without at least giving some of the *mumble-mumble* games that I still haven't got around to playing at least a cursory try.

Factorio is really not a city builder, but it's good for scratching the resource juggling and elegant supply chain itch. Definite recommend if you're into that sort of thing. If you get into it you'll be seeing factory belts whenever you close your eyes; be warned. Has a demo.
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