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  • 08 Mar 2021, 08:27
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Author Topic: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently  (Read 180796 times)


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Re: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently
« Reply #1450 on: 11 Feb 2021, 16:38 »

I've been playing "Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood".

Sure, its a little janky, needs quite a bit more polish and the plot is a little contrived and cliched, but damn if it isn't fun tearing through people as a freakin' werewolf! I'm rating it much higher than Cyberpunk 2077...admittedly that's not hard, but its still going to be one of my top games of the year


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Re: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently
« Reply #1451 on: 12 Feb 2021, 21:59 »

I net another rare Total War Warhammer 2 achievement.

Honestly, I think I may abandon this Itza campaign I played to get this. Its so freaking tough! You're in the middle of Lustria and being attacked by skaven on all sides. I can see it being fun if you did a co-op campaign with Order of Sotek, since they are nearby, but other than starting with Lord Kroak, it feels like I'm rolling a boulder up a hill only for it to fall back down. I am not eliminating the skaven armies fast enough to then take out their settlements.
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Re: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently
« Reply #1452 on: 12 Feb 2021, 22:15 »

Yeah, considering how important Sotek was to repelling the Skaven from Lustria, you might have to ally with them.


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Re: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently
« Reply #1453 on: 17 Feb 2021, 20:04 »

A homebrew D&D campaign with a bit of a Dark Souls twist. All the rooms in the dungeon crawler reset after a) one of our characters die[1][2] or b) we head back to one of the safe rooms[3]. We can only level up in the safe room
 And we level up regardless of death or Homeward Bone.

I've always wanted to revisit ranger after the aimless misguided mess of the first one. I tried to play a few years back. I don't know why I wasn't expecting to be DPS, but I'm the party's DPS. Sharpshooter is an incredibly important feat and well worth the -5 to hit. Especially now that I've got it down to a -2[4]. He's a neutral evil variant human. Cooking up the disgraced noble background was interesting[5]. He signed the contract so his family's status and honor could be restored along with justice being met out to the guilty.

I really need to remember to use Hunter's Mark more.

[1] If one PC dies, all PCs get whisked back to the starting area as the terms in the contract our characters all signed states 'death is not allowed'. Apparently the entire dungeon is being recreated when this happens.
[2] The price of the world reset/teleportation time-travel mechanic is a random memory from our characters. Mine currently can't remember his own age.
[3] There's an item that's basically a Homeward Bone. It takes one full turn rotation to work after being used. We've used at least three over the course of 5 or 6 sessions.
[4] a +1 longbow along with something else I can't recall offhand.
[5]combo of noble and outlander since his family got non-magical banished to a primeval forest to keep the local massive dire beasts in check. Those details are over in the D&D Pathfinder thread if you're interested.

EDIT: better explanation
EDIT 2: clarification that they were banished not Banished
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Re: What Games Have You Been Playing Recently
« Reply #1454 on: 22 Feb 2021, 19:12 »

I tried out For The King, and I think I played about an hour before I felt like I needed a break. I leveled up to 3. It's... how do I put this? It's a lot like a huge chocolate cake, like that one out of Matilda. I just had one slice, and whoof, it filled me up for a while. But in terms of exploration I barely left the neighbourhood, I have no idea how much of the world is still hidden, and how long until I'm expected to complete this (or die trying). And this is just ONE chocolate cake labeled 'apprentice' that I don't even know I could stand to finish. There's like five more on display!

I'm used to roguelikes where the length of your average run is measured in minutes, and a winning game might last up to an hour. I'm not sure I can stomach For The King when I'm looking at, what, three hours? six?? for every campaign. It's not exactly conducive to failing forward. Maybe I'll just play Rage 2 (the current Epic freebie) instead, it's basically junk food that goes down easily.
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