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So how does everyone get out of this predicament?  

Gavia comes to her senses and will rescue Ardent, Alice, Sedna, and maybe Church and Pate if she feels guilty.
The Praeses will intervene by either controlling Gavia or just teleporting everyone into a containment chamber.
Alice reveals some other ability that allows her to move in space.
Church reveals some other ability that allows him to move in space which could prove fatal for Gavia.
A third party like the AIs may intervene.

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Author Topic: Alice Grove MCDLT - April 2017  (Read 83040 times)


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Re: Alice Grove MCDLT - April 2017
« Reply #150 on: 30 Apr 2017, 18:10 »

Now I wonder if this is what he did to Ellie.  At least it would be quick for her.
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