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Author Topic: Wrote some rap lyrics this morning  (Read 10128 times)


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Wrote some rap lyrics this morning
« on: 26 Jan 2021, 10:24 »

Here’s a little story from history
About a mad bitch by the name Syl D
She sidled right up and she said to me
"Hop into my ride and we’ll sail the sea
I got a sick boat and I got a bad crew
Here’s your one chance so wacha gonna do?”

So I got into her longboat and we rode the waves
Finally asked her “Where we headin” after several days
“We’re goin down to England to have some fun
Gunna introduce those mother fuckers to Odin.
She had a mad grin and a gleam in her eye
I knew some poor fools were about to die

We rowed the longboat right up to shore
She hopped onto to the beach and I heard her roar
“I’m Drekisdóttir and i’m hear to say
Cooperate with me and you’ll survive the day
Your crops and your gold is what I desire
Fuck with me and you’re playin with fire”

We thought this raid was open and shut
Then some fool stepped and started to front
“This is a house of God, show some respect
Else your heathen ass gonna get wrecked”
Syl D pulled her her sword and she pulled her axe
And drove both into his gut like she was tappin a cask

She turned to rest and said “Listen well,
“You got two choices far as I can tell
Give me all you got and don’t make a sound
Or I burn this mother fucker to the ground"
Load up all your goods and we’ll bid farewell
You can go along with me or you can go to Hel.”

With the longboat full we sailed away
She pulled me close and heard her say
“Will you come with me and be my girl
If you’ll just say yes I will show you the world
We’ll sail to distant shores and the see the sights
And rock this boat each and every night"

We had the loot and we had the fame
We raided every shore and set ‘em aflame
The wealth did mount and the years did pass
She was my jarl and I was her lass
The sea was our home, we needed no beds
Our boat was the only place we laid our heads

Then one night there was a storm at sea
It seemed like  Jörmungandr had come for me
A massive wave crashed and over I went
Forever from my jarl and love I was rent
I washed up on the shore after the rain
And never saw Drekisdóttir e’er again
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Re: Wrote some rap lyrics this morning
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jan 2021, 09:00 »

I wrote my first rap song in response to a challenge by a friend...  :)
(Unfortunately, I misread the challenge which was to write a dual role Rap Battle song.. I missed the DUAL part)

Recording above: Lyric below

(A'right then.)
(Gie's the beat!)

Sittin' doon tae the mic isnae what gies me The Fear.
If Ah didnae want tae dae this guess what - I widnae be here!
The sang is aw' that matters - an' nothin's aff the table.
So when it comes tae rappin', hey, Ah'll dae it if ah'm able.

Ah've sung - collaborated - wi' the best the net can offer,
an' rattled the patter and battered doon a Song Fu Master.
So if yer sayin' Scotsmen cannae rap - then Ah'll be brief -
Keep throwin' oot that garbage, ye'll be playin' wi' yer teeth!

Ah dinnae mean tae diss ye, cos that's really no' mah style.
Ah'd rather jist sit doon an' hae a blether fur a while.
But if yer view o' Scotland's Shortie Tins an' Heelan' Coos,
then mibbe ye should haud yer wheest an' listen tae the news.

(If ye kent aboot this country then yer heid wid start tae birl,
cos Scotland is responsible for whit you creh The Wurld -
Logarithms, Hypnotism, Television, Penicillin
An' disposable contact lenses tae help ye wi' yer vision...

... an' that's only fur starters.)

(Chorus x2)
The World can be so dark when old pretenders try to blow out the flame.
We need our independence, that's when we'll see Scotland's light shine again.

We gave ye colour photographs, kaleidoscopes and fridges
The braw MRI scanner an' a trio o' Forth bridges.
We first tae clone a bonnie sheep and mak' pneumatic wheels
an' Mike Oldfield couldnae hae his bells wi'oot Tubular Steel.

But as fur me, Ah'll no' pretend tae be somethin' ah'm, no'.
Ah'm a fair tae middlin' sangwriter - mah pals a' ca' me Joe.
Ah'm merried tae a fancy lass, ah've got a bonnie daughter,
an' ah'm lucky insofar as I'm a wee bit children's author.

Ah've climbed aboard for Alba and tae better shores we're steerin'.
The years o' tears an' hellish fears are a' but disappearin'.
It's awfy hard tae fathom that some fowk jist wullnae thole it
There's no' much Ah kin say tae that -except- they must be glaikit.

We're liftin' up oor voices an' we're hopin' that ye hear them,
an' tell iz - What's the bather wi' us lookin' fur oor freedom?
Understand, the land we stand on should be free like ony ither.
So gies yer hand, a man's a man, and each man is yer brither.

(Chorus x4 to fade)
The World can be so dark when old pretenders try to blow out the flame.
We need our independence, that's when we'll see Scotland's light shine again.

A Man With Far Too Much Time On His Hands
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