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Author Topic: Frances The Mute  (Read 19034 times)


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Frances The Mute
« Reply #100 on: 26 May 2005, 19:04 »

Quote from: Outshined
I rather like "Miranda that Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore" myself.

Agreed... I actually love best the short stretch of trumpet... it's awesomely reminiscent of Ennio Morricone's music from old westerns... I like L'Via more... cause it's super leet, esp. the quieter, mellower intervals...

and, just to stir shit up...

Quote from: rudeboy
Saying they are talented is like saying Good Charlotte isn't assholes for using that one Specials line. I could easily take my friend's guitar, and make it out of tune purposely, play it upside down, and near his amp and sound like a total asshole. It doesn't mean that I have talent. I have nothing against long songs, heck, one of my favorite bands is streetlight manifesto, and their songs are pretty long, and stretches out even longer, live.

Okay, quite ridiculous that statement is. You may not think that what they're doing is paricularioly complex, but they remain nevertheless incredibly talented. You may believe that they can't play worth shit, and fine, you're entitled to an opinion. But using the static (that they employ to eliminate the breaks between tracks so that the story flows more smoothly) as a grossly generalized microcosm of their skill really doesn't do them justice as a whole. Have you heard Deloused at all? Listen to Inertiatic ESP, Tira Me A Las Aranas, and This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed and tell me that you still, in all honesty, believe them to be talentless hacks... hell, even listen to L'Via L'Viaquez, or about 45 seconds into Cygnus, on Frances The Mute... cause that is some heavy shit they lay down. You don't like the white noise, fine... but don't bash the whole band and their work just because of that.


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Frances The Mute
« Reply #101 on: 26 May 2005, 19:30 »

I personally wouldn't think that they're not talented musicians. They're pretty good musicians, just the lack of any tune and the pretentiousness kinda drove me off. Which is weird. I listen to Beefheart for chrissakes.
but the music sucks because the keyboards don't have the cold/mechanical sound they had but a wannabe techno sound that it's pathetic for Rammstein standars.


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Frances The Mute
« Reply #102 on: 29 May 2005, 15:26 »

And see that, that is a good reason to be put off by them... finding them pretentious is an educated reason for dislike... merely saying that excellent musicians are untalented isn't
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