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  • 21 Oct 2017, 01:38
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 on: Yesterday at 22:26 
Started by BenRG - Last post by A Duck
That is the best of both worlds. You get the functional response of pain without any of the negative emotions surrounding it.

Of course, that does apparently lead into casual dismemberment, but if the AI in question doesn't care, I guess it's ok.

 on: Yesterday at 22:16 
Started by Eddie 88 - Last post by specter177
Well, panel 4 of this comic might become prophetic.

 on: Yesterday at 21:19 
Started by Mr. Doctor - Last post by Tova
Yes, well. That's pre-split, isn't it? :)

 on: Yesterday at 19:29 
Started by Masterpiece - Last post by Is it cold in here?
I'm sick. It's frying my mind. Earlier today I started a search for a cap I'd been wearing to combat the chills. (Not just any chills. I'm wearing a lopapeysa indoors and am not really comfortable).

The eventual outcome of the search was that I was still wearing the cap.

 on: Yesterday at 17:32 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Is it cold in here?
Jeph said in one Q&A that they don't feel pain but they've absofragginlutely GOT to have damage sensors. The world is not safe.

 on: Yesterday at 16:39 
Started by BenRG - Last post by SotFX
Wow, that is one laid back robot, apparently nothing bothers him.  Nice contrast to Roko.

Part of the situation is that we're not seeing the immediate aftermath of the incident.

It might also be possible that some of the emotional triggers can be switched off in a robot body, especially since a lot of the chassis like his are seemingly more designed for more industrial work even if Punchbot isn't in one.

Hell, that would actually be a very good "safety" feature for bots that can feel pain or some of the extreme emotional responses. For example, being able to not panic and make an injury worse if you can keep your head. Things like a nailgun misfire into someones foot and into the floor, yanking that foot around is going to both make things worse for you, but also cause a lot more pain and make it harder to get out.

Having a safeguard installed to deal with that might make sense.

With things like the butt falling off, well, that's more malfunction than damage in the way it happens, even if you still need repair after it. Same as both being sick and injured tend to lead to the doctors...

 on: Yesterday at 16:18 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Somebody
You have to wonder about whether Punchbot's chassis is really viable to fix - it might be technically repairable, but one suspects that a car with such damage would be an insurance write-off. Beyond the cost of repair (parts & labour) itself, there's also how long it will take to make good.

 on: Yesterday at 15:53 
Started by traroth - Last post by sitnspin
Bienvenue, mon ami. Como se va?

 on: Yesterday at 14:35 
Started by BenRG - Last post by SmilingCat
I am going to make a few assumptions as JJ hasn't touched on it much in the comic but I can imagine that someone like Punchbot (who has a very industrial body) probably is used to getting repaired. Think back to all the injuries  (both on and off camera) that he has had fixed by Bubbles and Faye.

That would be my bet. That and his perpetually cheerful attitude. This sort of thing clearly happens a lot, and he's okay with it.

 on: Yesterday at 11:36 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Storel
A moose, weren't you reading? Moose can be quite dangerous after all. A moose once bit my sister.

moose bites Kan be pretti nasti...

Actually, moose are a lot bigger and stronger than most people realize. The moose could have ripped Punchbot's arm off pretty casually -- if it had been really mad at him, there might not have been very much left of him!

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