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  • 16 Mar 2018, 23:12
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 on: Today at 22:41 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by WoaLG
Does anybody else get the impression that Jeph has just given up on the no shipping rule? Cause the last few arcs have basically opened a floodgate of them.

 on: Today at 20:52 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Morituri
O'MALLEY:  So, I don't know if you've been keeping up, but that 'Corpse Witch' character you pulled in?  We're up to volume seven of the confessions now, and man, there is some juicy stuff in there!  The DA has been issuing, like, reams of arrest warrants for shit way worse than the fighting ring!  But there's one thing that everybody in the department wants to know; We're all dyin' to find out why she started callin' you 'Roko Raccoon.'  Tell the truth now; when that little guy got your badge, what else did he get? 

ROKO:  I swear to God every goddamn RELEVANT thing is in the report!  I am not going to settle your goddamn bets for you!

 on: Today at 20:24 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Morituri
Clinton is reasonably handsome; certainly guys homelier than he aren't romantically handicapped by their looks if they're reasonably confident and have some empathy for their partners.  And he's a decent guy, although he's a tendency to be a "rescuer" which sometimes covers a tendency against relationships based on a presumption of equality.  I wouldn't expect him to be dateless for more than a few weeks longer than he continues to agonize and self-sabotage his own confidence about being dateless.  It's stopping that dynamic that's the tricky part.

Roko scores a big ol' question mark.  Physically she's reasonably pretty, but I see several personality traits I would consider fairly off-putting.  She's prickly and tends to want to pre-emptively make problems for other people instead of allowing them to notice she's making problems for herself.  And that covers a crippling lack of self-confidence coupled with a need to prove herself that I would frankly find scary enough to stay the hell away from.  I mean, I empathize with her, I feel for her, I hope the best for her, but I doubt that being her romantic partner is going to contribute to someone's happiness.

Shipping her with Clinton is not wishing the best for Clinton.  Or at least, it's not wishing Clinton an easy future where he simply steps into a happy relationship.  Happiness if Roko reaches it with anyone is going to be hard won and long in the making.  And perhaps wonderful in the long run for having been something achieved instead of something discovered, but it's just not going to be easy.

 on: Today at 19:08 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by War Sparrow
Well, I don't find Clinton attractive, and wondered whether my orientation was interfering with my esthetic judgement.

Nah. Personally, Clinton is not that attractive; to me, anyway. Others do disagree.

 on: Today at 18:59 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by fayelovesbubbles
Clinton is quite cute.

Roko is pretty cute too.

 on: Today at 18:58 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Is it cold in here?
Well, I don't find Clinton attractive, and wondered whether my orientation was interfering with my esthetic judgement.

 on: Today at 18:45 
Started by est - Last post by Is it cold in here?
A Wrinkle in Time.

 on: Today at 15:58 
Started by SmilingCat - Last post by Morituri
All that said, I think consciousness is something we have a handle on at this point.  I have a whole shelf full of books on neuroanatomy, a whole hard drive full of high-resolution brain scans, and a whole bunch of papers from various journals explaining various aspects of human consciousness and experience that are finally getting down to terms of actual brain anatomy and actual signal processing at the neuron level.

Modeling the activity of the human brain in real time is still a few years off in terms of computing power, but of course all the mad scientists are trying to figure out whether, where, and how much cheating we can get away with to make the problem into one we can handle with a bit less hardware than that.

I have little doubt that, humans being what they are, the very first thing that humans will do when presented with a new class of exploitable intelligences, will be to force a bunch of them into slavery and prostitution.  It's what we've always done to each other, after all. 

 on: Today at 15:48 
Started by SmilingCat - Last post by Morituri
I think you don't get "consciousness" until it emerges as the best strategy for solving a more basic problem.  Which seems obvious considering evolution, but we don't think about it in the context of consciousness very much.  In biological evolution - meaning, for humans, survival involves staying fed and not being eaten, getting enough to drink without drowning, staying warm enough without burning, and eventually bringing forth the next generation.  And these, ultimately, are all things that all animals, from paramecia on up, rely on sensory input and physical movement to do.

Consciousness in humans is solely an optimization of that process.  Your brain is what transforms sensory input into physical muscle control in the service of survival.  And that, as far as evolution is concerned, is its only purpose.  Consciousness is a side effect.  The fact that consciousness - processing so complex that it has to take not only the body and its state but also the processing itself - into account, is part of the most efficient muscle control strategy so far discovered is pretty damned remarkable.

Of course we don't think of it as muscle control any more when the objectives are communication of information, control of machinery, construction of devices, etc.  But all of that, every bit of the "meta" activity we do, is leverage giving us ever greater efficiency in terms of how much return we get for how little physical exertion of our bodies.  You could say that the control strategy that involves consciousness, and in our case also sapience, is doing pretty well.

And this leads up to the question of what drives consciousness in AI?  What kind of problem can we give an evolutionary algorithm - what can we make the fundamental necessity as a drive for an AI -  such that developing sentience - even human-style sapience - is part of the most efficient solution to that problem?  Something that it will be discovered as a necessary part of optimizing for the ability to do?

Keeping in mind that the problem of biological life - stay fed, have babies, etc, in an unpredictable and competitive world - has millions of working solutions (ie, evolved species), only one of which involves anything like human-style sapience.  It's one of the most complex problems we know about, if not the most complex problem, and our species is still the only one in millions to develop our kind of sapience.  More than that, it's one in millions, in hundreds of millions of years of history.   If we pose our hypothetical evolutionary system a problem only as complex as the one that produced us, we only have a one-in-a-million shot of producing something like our own intelligence.  This particular strategy for dealing with *that* problem is so rare that it qualifies as BIZARRE! 

 on: Today at 15:47 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by DannyboyTheDane
I have not read any of the previous posts in this thread. I just came here to say the following regarding Roko and Clinton: I SHIP IT.

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