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  • 04 Dec 2021, 05:18
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 on: Today at 04:48 
Started by Tova - Last post by Oenone
This broke my suspension of disbelief.

Aurelia's son was obsessed with AIs.  Aurelia's daughter lives with Pintsize and Bubbles.  And she's NEVER heard that there are AIs with sex drives?

While it's my headcanon that Yay is aroace, that might not be so.  Aurelia is crossing some pretty insensitive boundaries here.

Ehhh, some parents have the ability to support a special interest without letting its intricacies be absorbed into their brains. Like, my sisters are certainly aware of and can identify their kids’ favorite Pokémon and if there’s Pokémon branded stuff they’ll show them or consider buying it, but I don’t think they know about generations, evolutions, the numbering system, etc.

And with Claire, she’s probably not asking her about her roommates sex lives.

 on: Today at 00:53 
Started by Tova - Last post by pwhodges
More sensible than some.   :-)

The trouble is that password checkers (especially those in password safe programs or sites which generate extreme passwords) have an extraordinary range of judgements.  I can present the same password and get assessments ranging from "strong" to "very weak".

 on: Yesterday at 22:17 
Started by Tova - Last post by Farideh
Also, a useful site to check how easy your password is to crack:

 on: Yesterday at 19:30 
Started by Tova - Last post by Is it cold in here?
I kinda just read Aurelia as being smug about the fact that Yay is deflecting. This seems peak mom-who-loved-to-torture-their-teens-with-sex-talk vibes.

Welcome, new person!

For passphrases, I suggest Free, simple, and with mathematically measurable security. Also rejected by most sites's password filters  :x

 on: Yesterday at 17:19 
Started by Thrillho - Last post by Grognard
only countries that haven't made it to the Moon use C.


 on: Yesterday at 16:56 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by Thrillho
So I'm at my mum's house.

She has Prime Video. Last time I was here, I accidentally watched the first 7 of episodes of Picard, thinking that was the full season, and not realising there were three episodes that hadn't aired yet, and so was left on a cliffhanger I assumed I could resolve when I next visited her not long after.

Two years and a pandemic later, and there's three fucking seasons of that show so I'm just giving up on it until it finishes its run and I'll restart it.

In the meantime, I decided to give Lower Decks a go - I'm actually pretty impressed with it? It's surprisingly entertaining.

I dislike one of its key principles, about the gloryhog main officers at top level on the ship - I guess it's just a mite TOO irreverent for me, but that's mainly because I have a real issue with Trek that isn't inherently shooting for some kind of utopian or optimistic viewpoint. It's at least in-universe comedy, though, unlike The Orville which I really love but its comedy is really jarring and out of place.

Outside of that... God, it's just really, really funny. I wasn't expecting it to be as funny as it is. I thought it would be moderately amusing. It's got a few huge laughs out of me in its first few episodes.

 on: Yesterday at 14:17 
Started by Tova - Last post by Farideh
Gotta love passphrases.

EDIT: Re. Yay being only 2 years old, I keep being reminded of Jane in the Ender's series. She is a very powerful AI that was kinda hand waved into existence, and in the books she is described as experiencing time very differently from humans (milliseconds would be days to her). If Yay does something similar, then technically they are extremely old indeed.

And for several excruciating seconds, which to her were years of loneliness and suffering, she was unable to fill up the sudden emptiness of her topmost levels of attention. Vast portions of her mind, of the parts that were most herself, went completely blank. All the functions of all the computers on or near the Hundred Worlds continued as before; no one anywhere noticed or felt a change; but Jane herself staggered under the blow.

 on: Yesterday at 13:48 
Started by Tova - Last post by hedgie
I’ve been using a variant of the “correct_horse_battery_staple” method for quite some time.

 on: Yesterday at 12:38 
Started by Method of Madness - Last post by Pilchard123
6) Ilium was another name for Troy, and the -ad suffix means "related to" or "concerned with", so the Iliad is "concerned with Troy", or a "Troy Story", if you will.

 on: Yesterday at 12:11 
Started by Tova - Last post by Gyrre
To be even fairer, basic computer security principles were well known even before 2007.
I keep trying to get my parents to at least use 1337 speak/leet speak passwords for years, now.

EDIT: I prefer using a mix of my own variation on leet mixed with obscure mythology knowledge. For an example that's too short to ever use; did you know it was much more common to swear by a different, lower body part of Crom's than his teeth? His eistna[/]- '3!s7n4', '3!$5tna', 'E!stn4', etc.

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