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  • 14 Feb 2016, 04:33
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 on: Today at 04:26 AM 
Started by Pilchard123 - Last post by Loki
It's a fake tho.

 on: Today at 01:47 AM 
Started by Pilchard123 - Last post by Sorflakne
Incoming sads  :oops:

 on: Yesterday at 10:29 PM 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Zebediah

 on: Yesterday at 09:59 PM 
Started by Tova - Last post by Tova
The article is about song writers, not performers...

 on: Yesterday at 09:56 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Tova
Veronica lies!

New Rule: If a door is locked, DO NOT PICK IT.

New Rule #2: Same goes for all closets, strongboxes, chests, etc. etc.

New Rule #3: That Is Not A Toy.

New Rule #3, Addendum: Okay, fair, so it is a toy, but please set it down anyway.

#4: Snakes and other little friends stay in their homes and do not wander into lingerie drawers.

5) Froglord is not permitted in the Bathroom.

#6: I don't care if it's clean mud, I still don't want it in the food.

I fail to see how any of these rules could possiby be considered to be 'new.'

 on: Yesterday at 06:41 PM 
Started by GarandMarine - Last post by Blue Kitty
Finished up my sea chart in Wind Waker, got every single square filled. Now to collect all the treasure maps and sea chests, collect all the figures...and I guess finish the game.

 on: Yesterday at 06:06 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by mustang6172
That only works if she appears in a refrigerator.

 on: Yesterday at 05:15 PM 
Started by Thrillho - Last post by 94ssd
Current actual temperature: 8F
Current wind chill: -1F

Status of the mile-and-a-half walk I'm about to make to work: Not looking forward to it.

 on: Yesterday at 04:58 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Penquin47
Welp.  My cat just got glared at really hard.

He's not too sure why, but he thinks it may be the vomit in my shoe I had to clean up this morning.  That or knocking something off is what usually gets him glared at.

 on: Yesterday at 04:32 PM 
Started by GarandMarine - Last post by de_la_Nae
I'll argue against you on that.

They goofed up hard on BL1's story the same reason many other games of its ilk goof up hard on that aspect: in that industry, it's not a priority, to put it mildly. No 'proof of concept' anything, it's a matter of math and culture, and those add up to results that I can sympathize with, but are still frustrating when something has as much *style* and *atmosphere* as that game did at times.

Sometimes, it would start to grab me. And then it would fumble the ball, and be all the more frustrating for it.

A lot of games run into that, where you can tell they'd planned on going a little further with a point, but had to cut or couldn't figure out how to do it without fucking up the rest of the game. And the story doesn't exist in a vacuum, a game is, ideally, a unified piece with parts that work together to reinforce each other. And BL1, like many games, failed at parts of that, that's all.

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