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  • 18 Sep 2019, 06:18
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 on: Today at 05:52 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by DSL
Interesting thing you're doing there, Marty -- you are alternately squicked by Claire even considering catering to foot fetishists, and then (sort of) encouraging. Somewhere between "What did I do?" and "What have I done?"

 on: Today at 05:44 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Gyrre
Wow.... I'd forgotten about that one.

On the note of arranging video game music, the Bobble Bobble theme but it's New Orleans jazz.

 on: Today at 04:34 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Tai Fanboi
Too much feet talk...  Never did like feet *shudder*

 on: Today at 04:20 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Marco
Am I the only one, disgusted by the casual kicking of Pintsize? I mean, he is not physically sensitive to get hurt by that, but he must feel very unloved, even more after his kinda sad reasoning in the one before

I'm pretty sure he was expecting to be kicked. Besides, he is build much like a cartoon character for a reason. Most of the violence in QC is stylized cartoon violence - the more the human characters gets realistically drawed, the less they punch each other.

 on: Today at 01:47 
Started by Pilchard123 - Last post by JoeCovenant

If only the photoshopper had managed to put the letters in parallel to the letter housings ... :)

(Funny, but still..)

And if only they hadn't used the same photograph for every gag.

Weeellll.... the *joke* was that the one cinema was doing it... gave a a BIT of artistic licence! :)

 on: Today at 00:33 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Cornelius
Go for it Claire! You might become the next Trilby!

( For those of you who slept through the 1890's, Trilby O'Ferrall was a girl working in Paris as an artists' model. For her feet. )

The fictional heroine of George du Maurier's novel Trilby, no?

Edit: proper capitals

 on: Yesterday at 23:44 
Started by Cheetaur - Last post by Gyrre
..... I'm only getting search results for the youtube user who goes by the handle "sexy cyborg".
She's quite the looker, but she hasn't got blue skin, so I'm not sure which Naomi Wu you're referring to.

 on: Yesterday at 23:40 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Gyrre
Anyways, in light of this week's poll and Deltarune part 2 releasing;

Wait what.

I didn't want double post and I got my tabs mixed up. But, yes, Deltarune chapter 2 was released this week.

 on: Yesterday at 23:38 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Gyrre
Anyways, in light of this week's poll and Deltarune part 2 releasing;

 on: Yesterday at 23:31 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Tyr
I'm not sure there's a way to be totally annonymous AND provide any fetish material that exposes any portion of one's anatomy. A foot fetishist produced hard evidence exonerating Alexandria Ocasio Cortez when someone released a fake 'nude' because the individual in the photo had a condition that AOC does not possess.

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