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  • 25 Sep 2022, 06:56
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 on: Today at 06:37 
Started by Jimor - Last post by Jimor
Wordle 463 4/6


 on: Today at 05:24 
Started by Jimor - Last post by Akima
I struggled with this one.
Wordle 463 5/6*


 on: Today at 02:01 
Started by Jimor - Last post by pwhodges
A happy chance today:
Wordle 463 3/6*


 on: Today at 00:25 
Started by DrPhibes - Last post by Tova
Finally watched Everything Everywhere All At Once and it was as great as I'd hoped.

 on: Today at 00:10 
Started by Thrillho - Last post by Gyrre
 Bee & Puppycat: Lazy in Space has been pretty for so far. (^-^)

Some of the stuff from the original webseries has been changed, and a few reveals and events have been jumped forward two to four episodes.... But, it's still been pretty fun.

 on: Today at 00:06 
Started by Morituri - Last post by Gyrre
I do admittedly find that I sometimes hunch my shoulders too. Partly to keep from knocking things at elbow height over[1] and partly to seem smaller, high five of understanding on the latter.

But, the two of the things I got made fun of and bullied for growing up[2][3], I never expected to ever be considered intimidating. So it's still weird to see people flinch away from me despite being short.

[1] It seems like just about everything on a counter is at elbow height at 5'5".
[2] Being short since forever. Then, my weight/build since middle school because I started getting pudgy and stocky. I'm now 5'5", 222 lbs and have to wear a 2XL for my shoulders width.
[3] And my ADD along with my then undiagnosed ASD.

[Previous response deleted because it probably came of rambly and weird in retrospect. Hopefully this one makes more sense?]

 on: Yesterday at 19:27 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by DaiJB
Marten's off-panel comment about Bubbles made me wonder what "Aurelia meets Bubbles" would be like...which naturally led me to what "Aurelia meets May" and "Aurelia meets Pintsize" would be like.

I just want to see the impact of Aurelia's "Mom energy" on these, um, "distinctive" individuals...  :-D

 on: Yesterday at 17:35 
Started by Jimor - Last post by Tova
Wordle 463 4/6*


 on: Yesterday at 14:20 
Started by Jimor - Last post by Farideh
Wordle 463 3/6


 on: Yesterday at 10:57 
Started by Jimor - Last post by pwhodges
So many options...

Wordle 462 6/6*


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