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  • 01 May 2016, 06:35
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 on: Today at 05:56 AM 
Started by ChaoSera - Last post by Redball
So you've seen the Descartes before the horse joke. It's making the rounds on my Facebook pages.

After I'd seen it for the umpteenth time, I posted:

"High Marx for this kind of creativity. We Kant exclude puns from proper humor, put it behind a Locke and key hidden behind fireplaces on Hobbes. It should be out in the open, served on a Plato’ silver if not gold, lead if not silver. Besides, danger may lurk outside that bar; there are Russellers out there."

I complained to my wife a few hours later that there'd been no responses. She responded, with a "like."

 on: Today at 05:22 AM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by bhtooefr
Straight vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol smells.*  :grumpypuss: I don't want a chaser with my vodka, I want a mixer. Preferably something that can hide the taste of the vodka, like orange juice, tomato juice, or cranberry juice.

And don't try to tell me that good vodka has no taste. I am one of the small minority who can taste alcohol... which is probably the reason I never developed a liking for alcohol.

There's actually a craft distillery near me that is making vodka and specifically wants the natural flavors of the wheat they use to come through, so they don't do any charcoal filtering. It ends up creating a smoother vodka than normal, almost a sippable vodka.

 on: Today at 04:53 AM 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Zebediah


 on: Today at 04:41 AM 
Started by Kugai - Last post by HiFranc
The way I see it, the red dot is the after image of the device that caused the night walker to break up.

 on: Yesterday at 11:46 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Mr_Rose
There is no outside the universe. The universe is literally everything.

Then what is the expanding universe expanding into?
That's actually kind of a strange question; the universe contains everything there is, including the space-time we use to define "volume" amongst many other things. We can talk about observable changes in the interior volume but even the concept of it having an exterior volume is contradictory to what we know.

 on: Yesterday at 09:32 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Undrneath
Thank you! It's nice to see the full image, and I appreciate your restoring the artist's information, too.

There is no outside the universe. The universe is literally everything.

Then what is the expanding universe expanding into?

It isn't expanding into anything, it's just getting larger.

 on: Yesterday at 09:16 PM 
Started by ChaoSera - Last post by chaospersonified
Don't many ready responses to that in my sharktank... Kinda bites, being so blank.

 on: Yesterday at 08:51 PM 
Started by Method of Madness - Last post by explicit
Maybe by people who market things? I guess I only really see it in TV shows about that type of stuff nowadays.

 on: Yesterday at 07:19 PM 
Started by TheCollyWolly - Last post by cesium133
I just spent two hours trying and failing to get into orbit, and then KSP crashed in the VAB, erasing whatever I had just failed to accomplish.

I think I'm done with KSP.

 on: Yesterday at 07:02 PM 
Started by LeeC - Last post by danuis
I won't argue your preferences, since those are yours and I can understand getting tired of the same groups all the time. But I will present that there have been reasons why the Brotherhood and Super Mutants have been a big part in Bethesda games. The West Coast Brotherhood and Super Mutants have been in decline since the first game yes, because they were unwilling or unable to expand their membership roster.

The West Coast Brotherhood have been heavily bound to the Codex and are very selective in adding new members, rarely doing so.  The Midwest Brotherhood is a bit more open about it, as I understand. I still have never played Fallout Tactics, so I can't speak from personal knowledge on that game. Those that made it to the East Coast though, under Elder Lyons, started to aggressively expand their membership. Many references to it are made in FO3 and 4 about how many of the people you talk to were not born into the Brotherhood, but recruited in.

Given the fact that they send the descendant of the first leader to the East with Lyons, I have to wonder if some people in the West Coast Elders understood that they were dying out and changes needed to be made if the Brotherhood was to survive. But that to many within the ranks would resist the idea of open recruiting.  Whether by chance or design though... It did work. The Brotherhood on the West Coast is slowly dying out, having lost most of their power and fighting force to the NCR. While on the East Coast they are thriving out of the DC area. With enough tech and resources and support to have a fleet of (apparently barely) working vertibirds, an airship, a giant robot and more power armor than they know what to do with, as well as many soldiers and scribes.

Super mutants were being produced in multiple locations around the country, according to lore by Bethesda. In the West they were based out of Mariposa, and once that was destroyed and shut down, there were no more mutants being created. But between the original scientists, the Master and I think some with the Enclave, there were a lot of them made. And they seem largely immune to aging, so there are still a lot of small bands scatter around the West. In the East, there was Vault 87 producing super mutants. It had been pretty much untouched until the Lone Wanderer and the Enclave showed up. Even without the scientists there, the mutants understood enough that if they threw people into the green goo, more mutants were made. So they were able to somewhat haphazardly but regularly grow their population for two centuries, which explains why there are so many in DC. I won't spoil it for FO4.... but there is a reason why there are Super Mutants in the Commonwealth. They are not just carry overs from FO3.

Of course, in the end lore is an excuse to bring in elements that you want to bring into a game. The Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants and Ghouls have always been a part of the franchise. It would be more weird for them not to show up in a game at this point.

Yes, I know, Virgil and all - but that's the whole point. Would it be that weird? Two was already on the path of forgetting them. The theme of fallout does not need them, they are just the results of that theme: that humanity can survive, and rebuild, and they'll try to rebuild in different ways. That theme could manifest in a lot of different ways.

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