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  • 03 Jul 2015, 03:36
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 on: Today at 01:17 AM 
Started by Kugai - Last post by Rghfrgl
With the robot hand he just may be able to pry snakes off as they try and squeeze the life out of him.


 on: Today at 12:16 AM 
Started by iduguphergrave - Last post by Skewbrow
Sven: "That chick. She was in a dream. Except she was taller. What did you do to her?"
Marigold: "Go away! I cast a Shield Spell. Come Hither -looks will bounce off this Tome of Deflection."

 on: Yesterday at 11:55 PM 
Started by ChaoSera - Last post by looktall
With all that traveling, I just hope his Motorhead don't blow up

If it does I can swap it with a Apollo440 c.i. v8 for him.

he might prefer a 78 saab.

 on: Yesterday at 11:15 PM 
Started by Kugai - Last post by Timemaster
Oh dear, Cinton.

It is obvious, that he is far from his comfort zone here. Hes uncomfortable with dogs (I suppose he didnt have much contact with them so far), snakes (Nature! Eeek!) and weird thought-jumps and associations. He was hoping for an attractive girl he coud talk to, find a conection and establish some kind of relationship. But he is obviosly not connecing here.
Im not sure if they wil be able to find a ground common enough for the both of them. Emily will not (be able to) change her behavior to fit his expectations. So it woud be up to him to adjust the boundaries of his comfort zone so she can find a place in it.

Will he be able to do that?
Does he even want to do that?

Maybe Cinton will join Emily and Sam on a trip into the woods. I certainly woud be a lif-changing experience for him, Im sure. :-D


 on: Yesterday at 11:09 PM 
Started by iduguphergrave - Last post by BenRG
MARIGOLD: "The power of Yaoi Doujinshi compels thee!"


 on: Yesterday at 11:08 PM 
Started by LeeC - Last post by BenRG
Same year as FO3 I think

Are we sure? Todd "The God" Howard said 200 years at E3, and Fallout 3 is set exactly 200 years after the war, but he could have been using it in an approximate sense.

Also, it would be VERY strange for them to establish the Lone Wanderer destroying the Brotherhood as the canon ending. If canon endings are given at all, they're almost always the good outcomes.

Not destroying the Brotherhood, only destroying those factions opposed to the Lyons' way of doing things (which is considered heretical by a lot of the other chapters).

 on: Yesterday at 11:02 PM 
Started by Welu - Last post by BenRG
I think that Joyce is about to have a very painful encounter with reality. She's a good soul but she has to be made to understand that she doesn't have the answers. Maybe it will help her develop a better understanding of feelings and the wrong impression her easygoing intimacy gives some people without her intending it.

 on: Yesterday at 11:00 PM 
Started by Kugai - Last post by electromgneticDstroyosaur
Wednesday's comic made me go

 on: Yesterday at 10:59 PM 
Started by Kugai - Last post by BenRG
So, now we know. Alice did try to tell the truth. However, as sages throughout history have learned, people prefer their own 'truths' to the facts. After a while, Alice just gave up and let people instead cling to the stories and 'truths' that gave them the most comfort and happiness. What harm did it do? What did it change?

Instead, she's simply tried to live her life and be a force of good whenever she could. I think that she's isolated by choice and intervenes only in limited ways and if it is clear it is necessary.

It's sad in a way; it must be a tremendously lonely and frustrating life to live.

 on: Yesterday at 10:54 PM 
Started by DrBear - Last post by BenRG
Given that the Clinton-Emily conversation is going into next week, I'm going to put down my marker that Strip 3000 will focus in some way on them. Either Clinton will make a decision about them that will affect many characters or Emily will announced The Dark Truth about her origins and mysterious abilities.

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