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  • 20 Aug 2017, 01:05
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 on: Today at 00:41 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by miados
Suddenly winslows tea vision comic! And it is...... um..... butts..... or penguins

 on: Yesterday at 22:33 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Tova
I don't think the conflict between Winslow and May is quite resolved yet until they speak to each other again. Not that I expect that will take long. Jeph doesn't really do long running conflicts, especially not recently. Characters resolving their conflicts like adults is more his thing.

 on: Yesterday at 22:24 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by BenRG
Friday's strip had the feel to me of the end of that particular arc. I'm expecting Monday to start something new, possibly something focussed around Brun.

 on: Yesterday at 21:50 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Tova
I couldn't really imagine Winslow running into anyone specific, so I just went with Gordon because he's one of my favourites.

I also clicked 'other' so I could just throw in a completely unlikely option of Corpse Witch.  :evil:

 on: Yesterday at 21:47 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Method of Madness
New poll.
Awwww. (I'm kidding, my poll sucked) Also:
Global Moderator Comment I moved a long post continuing last week's argument to last week's thread. We really, really, really don't need to continue this. At least wait until this week's comics start so there's more to go on.

 on: Yesterday at 21:44 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by Tova
Yes, I feel that if you feel you can't get your point across in 30+ posts, maybe it's time to agree to disagree, hey?

 on: Yesterday at 21:30 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by The real John Smith
I'd like to see more characters tell Winslow that he's not in the wrong, doesn't owe anyone an apology and should be happy if he likes his new body. So far with the exception of Hanners (whom bought the chassis for him), they're acting like being lucky is bad and he needs to share or keep it a secret whenever someone's jealous.

 on: Yesterday at 21:17 
Started by pwhodges - Last post by Jimor
This is usually because somebody who *does* have your email got hacked, not you. The person gets hacked, the hacker sells the e-mails in their address book to spammers, and even if you kept your e-mail completely private and never used it for anything online except e-mail with close friends and colleagues, you're suddenly on every spam list in the world.

 on: Yesterday at 20:50 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by Larm Hargraven
This was originally going to be posted in last week's thread, but I wanted to post it where others can see because I think it still pertains to what will probably be this week's comics and isn't really about me picking a "side" here. Sorry in advance is this is annoying to bring up or a problem.

I think the problem that's causing the repetitiveness (in last week's threat) is the perspective everyone has from their own life experiences to a VERY controversial topic and portrayal of it. What with it being about AI's getting humanoid bodies, the analogies of privilege can be substituted with race, sex, transgenderism (not to be confused with transexualism which is also included in this list,) age, financial stability, etc.

What I'll say in my final thoughts is this: Both sides are immature in one way or another.

In Winslow's case: He was immature for coming into May's workplace without first thinking of the situation she's in, unable to afford a working body as her current one is breaking down. His happy and proud demeanor to be accepted and compliments by a friend was taken mistakenly as showing off with malice, which caused May to bite back at him. If things were perfect, he would have entered with a much more subtle approach, finding a more articulate way to explain why he got a new body and expressing that he understands if it bothers her that he showed up, all while not being as energetic as he was. Alternatively he could have waited until she saw him out of work or in a different social setting. Winslow is sheltered to a degree. Very knowledgeable but missing a few social cues and his extreme happiness about his new body and going out to friend's with known problems with their own bodies and not thinking it'd cause a reaction is VERY sheltered thinking. Whether it was because he forgot about May's situation or he outright did not think it was a problem, this is immaturity in a sense. In the future, Winslow definitely should take the time to assess how the people around him will react when bringing forth a change as drastic/controversial as this one. And I mean drastic and controversial in a very neutral term, not a negative one.

In May's case: She was immature for responding the way she did. Her emotions and frustrations, while valid, were not properly coped with nor handled well. Sarcasm and rudeness does not get anyone anywhere, even if it feels cathartic to release it on the person who made you feel mad. May should have expressed that while, hey that's great for Winslow to have gotten his own body, he shouldn't have been so excitable about it to her as she was feeling malaise and sadness about her breaking body. She could have easily stated that she was angry in a clear and direct manner, rather than be quick to react with words that did not explicitly express her frustration. On that, she shows immaturity when speaking with Momo as she continues to let her anger direct her words and behavior by being facetious about living with Hannelore while using terms as "little fuck" and "dick" to describe him and his personality. Again, she could have expressed she was mad about his situation and instead used the time she was away from work to use coping skills to bring herself down from her anger until she could properly explain why she felt mad without resorting to derogatory terms and insults.

Are both sides in the wrong? Yes. Are they forever monsters? No. Should they both apologize in some degree? I think so. Do other people think they should? It appears not everyone, which is understandable as forgiving someone is not always easy and apologizing is hard when your mind is clouded by emotions or if you're unaware of what you did.

Finally, let's remember that maturity, respect, and calm attitudes can be a tough thing to learn as they all are choices that have to be actively made everytime a situation presents itself for them to be challenged. No one can be that way all the time 24/7, everyone has a breaking point. But we should always strive to work towards that with active listening and thinking, whether you are the perceived instigator or victim. This comes from the world of mental health recovery, but can and should be applied to most all other aspects of life. A topic like this does not have a clear and readable right or wrong, it's very grey and I think we all need to remember that.

I moved this to last week's thread from the newer one because this argument really doesn't need to continue into the new thread, at least not until an actual comic is seen and there's more to go on. -Method

 on: Yesterday at 20:45 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Meilu
I wonder if Faye and Bubbles might get involved too. It could be a good way to get their name out their.
That would be awesome. I hope this becomes a thing.

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