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  • 17 Nov 2019, 06:30
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 on: Today at 04:22 
Started by Pilchard123 - Last post by Blue Kitty
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 on: Yesterday at 20:21 
Started by Pilchard123 - Last post by cesium133

 on: Yesterday at 11:04 
Started by RedWolf4 - Last post by Blue Kitty

 on: Yesterday at 06:58 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by DSL
But is a beep a bleep?

(Which inexplicably takes me back to those longago Saturday mornings when Josie and the Pussycats were IN SPACE, and had an alien (pet/companion/was never really clear) named "Bleep." All the little (bleep)er ever said was "bleep."
Such language! And me with such an impressionable young mind.

And not long after that, this guy. Such a mouth.

 on: 15 Nov 2019, 18:55 
Started by RedWolf4 - Last post by RedWolf4
Eh, I'm ok with the music not being Williams, but yeah it does need to find it's feet in that regard a little.

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 on: 15 Nov 2019, 14:39 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Tova
Comic's up!
Beepatrice seems nice, if a little easily flustered.
I wonder if it's pronounced Bee-patrice or Beep-atrice?
(O.K., I've been up waaaaayyyy too long...)
I'm thinking it should be Beep-atrice. Sort of self-censored. And would go nice with a Basilisk.

[edit] No shipping of AIs intended, just the names have a nice theme together [/edit]

Holy cow. It's almost a year ago.

 on: 15 Nov 2019, 10:50 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by SordidEuphemism
So if Miss Skullbleeper is a self-censor, I have to wonder...

What is Beepatrice censoring about her name?

We have to accept the possibility that her real name is Fuckatrice.

(It might explain her resulting career path a bit more...)

My search-fu is weak today, but there was a discussion months back about how it might have been 'Cockatrice' - alongside 'Basilisk' - and she 'Beep'ed it.

 on: 15 Nov 2019, 10:34 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Inconsequential
Was that Arthur or Punchbot that Yay (spookybot) talked to in their wrap up to the Corpsewitch adventure?

Punchbot. He's a CPA, and Yay waltzed in and dropped a complete business plan on his desk a while back.

The door appears to say Punchbot & Punchbot, so maybe there's another punchbot named Punchbot.

Or maybe it's Punchboy or something.

Punching is his passion, he has money skills, and I'd have to believe that any business plan Yay puts together would be pretty damn airtight, so I'd say the odds are good.

 on: 15 Nov 2019, 10:09 
Started by Is it cold in here? - Last post by Castlerook
So putting this one in a spoiler because it ends up being gross.
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And that's when I woke up.

 on: 15 Nov 2019, 09:17 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Thrudd
Semi-related, I'm wondering if Punchbot will ever get that legal robot fighting ring off the ground. If he does, they'll have no shortage of customers.
They could sell the whole deal - either get repaired, or get an upgrade, all for the low price of $499.99!
For media presence why not ask for the assistance of MIKE?
Note how many times the MC has been bothered by MIKE and then convert that number to HEX - you are welcome.

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