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  • 26 Sep 2016, 06:55
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 on: Today at 05:36 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Perfectly Reasonable
That wrench Bubbles is holding -- is that something you'd need for work on an AI chassis? For a tune-up on a locomotive, maybe. But it would make one helluva club...

 on: Today at 03:57 PM 
Started by ChaoSera - Last post by RedWolf4
Sure you're not just drunk off port?

 on: Today at 03:08 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Is it cold in here?
Especially since Bubbles has to work so hard to trust anyone.

 on: Today at 02:11 PM 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Thrudd

LILAC: "Have you ever seen this Anthro PC?"

FAYE: "Pintsize? Is that even physically possible? I mean no."

 on: Today at 01:56 PM 
Started by Welu - Last post by Kugai

Our widdle Walky is awwl gwoding up 


 on: Today at 01:52 PM 
Started by ChaoSera - Last post by Kugai
... Ha ha fooled you all, I'm a Submarine 


 on: Today at 01:49 PM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Kugai
I think, for various reasons, Bubbles actually trusts Faye far more than she does CW at this stage.  I hope that Faye does actually realise this and doesn't do anything to damage that trust as she has earned it from Bubbles.

It would be sad to see this friendship go down the toilet as her friendship with Dora very nearly did with her previous alcoholism.

 on: Today at 12:20 PM 
Started by brasca - Last post by FunkyTuba
"Heck, if it weren't for people like your friend Alice..."

Given that Alice probably doesn't introduce herself with a full autobiography, we might assume he already knew who she was, even if he hadn't actually met her.

yes. sure I can see it that way. Pate almost certainly knows more than he lets on, and Alice has a tendency to keep things close to the vest, but it's a little difficult given the (admirable) economy of dialog Jeph's using here for me to see it concretely either way given that Pate has almost surely had the advantage of a few hours of Ardent blabbermouthing while it got dark.

...and the eager anticipation of the next update continues...

 on: Today at 10:07 AM 
Started by Zebediah - Last post by Skewbrow
Faye: "AI Vice? Is that a thing?"
RoboCop: "Yeah, I know. Not the most glamorous of jobs. But it pays the bills. And I have the call to serve."

 on: Today at 09:46 AM 
Started by BenRG - Last post by Is it cold in here?
>perhaps isn't paying as much attention to what Bubbles says as she should.

Bubbles is the sort worthy of close attention for more than one reason.

Maybe Faye didn't ask point blank because she doesn't want to know.

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