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  • 17 Nov 2018, 08:52
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 on: Today at 08:04 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by jwhouk
Yeah, have an accident with a CDL and expect to pee in a cup very shortly thereafter.

If you're in one piece and survive, that is.

 on: Today at 07:18 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by Theta9
One last comment on the drug testing debate: CDL drivers are actually mandated to have drug tests done annually.
I've had my CDL since July/August 2017 and only been tested twice: onc as part of the DoT physical exam preparatory to getting my license, and once within a couple of hours after I ran the bus off the road into a ditch (not why I don't drive the bus now BTW.) Drivers for the company I worked for are subject to random testing, but my number never came up.

 on: Today at 04:22 
Started by GarandMarine - Last post by Case
We then asked the Netherlands if we could have the Kaiser back and sure enough Kaiser Wilhelm II was back on the throne and the Kaiserreich restored. 

Smart move to ask the Dutch to quietly get rid of that degenerate Hohenzollern-spaWEETBABBYJEEBUSWEPT! You asked to have him back:-o

The second most catastrophic leader the German people have known in history and you asked to have him back:-o :psyduck:

 on: Today at 01:48 
Started by shanejayell - Last post by Case
If I were to partake (I don't), I think I'd prefer something that big over those small pen type models. Our obsession with cramming powerful batteries into tighter and tighter spaces is nothing but trouble.

Not so - unless we then decide to carry around those small powerful batteries on our bodies, preferably right next to major bloodvessels and/or sensitive organs in order to maximise hazard and distress in the event of catastrophic failure.

Humans ...

 on: Yesterday at 22:54 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by Sullivan

Editor wars... Don't make eye-contact, and just keep walking.
Oh, I know. I used to use ed (and later, the improved version, ex).

An unadorned "?" was ed's standard (and only) error message, hence my "comment".

"If you don't know what mistake you made, you shouldn't be using ed. Oh heck, you probably shouldn't even be using Unix."

 on: Yesterday at 22:45 
Started by shanejayell - Last post by SmilingCat
Medical definition is not the sole definition, however. Or even necessarily the most common. Or the definition used for legal purposes.

The bane of language is that there's a bunch of different groups all using the same word differently.

 on: Yesterday at 21:53 
Started by shanejayell - Last post by Near Lurker
As a grunt in the medical community, though, I can say it's certainly the way doctors use it nowadays, right down to the fact that our allergy listing (which has categories for macrolides, cillins, benzos, statins, triptans, NSAIDs, what-have-you) doesn't even have a category for "opioids" - it's "narcotics."

 on: Yesterday at 18:37 
Started by shanejayell - Last post by SmilingCat
OK, Marijuana - in any form - is not a narcotic.  Narcotics are pain relievers that specifically target the opioid receptors in the nervous system for pain relief, and are addictive.  While marijuana can have a pain relieving effect, it's not a narcotic, and has been shown to be no more (physically) addictive than chips.  Psychological addiction is a different story, as it is with anything else. 

Your definition of narcotic is not the only definition, or even the only right definition (or even necessarily an accurate definition). Broadly defined, a narcotic is any drug or substance affecting mood or behavior that is used for non-medical purposes. Thus, Marijuana is a narcotic, but so is Caffeine.

Legally, Marijuana is classified as a narcotic under the "Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs" treaty of 1961. Alongside opioids, synthetic opiods, and other drugs such as cocaine.

In its original form, a narcotic was a substance that induced sleep (from the Greek for "To Make Numb"). Association with opioids came later.

 on: Yesterday at 17:49 
Started by jwhouk - Last post by Case
I'm just going to put it out there that I've never had a single encounter with Mary Jane.

Judge away.

I spent much of my twenties in a sincere, committed relationship with Ms Jane.

'Tis okay, Tova.

 on: Yesterday at 17:20 
Started by ReD_RuM - Last post by LeeC
I've been seeing a lot of "Goblin Slayer" on imgur and the memes got me interested. I signed up for crunchy roll (with ads) and watched the first 2 episodes. I was prepared for the brutality of the first episode (see trigger warning)  thanks to the fair warnings from imgur. Not only is the brutality from the trigger warning involved but its just straight up brutal violence too. I do find it interesting that the concept of the story comes from MMOs where an inexperienced party pulls too many adds and it destroys the party. The same sort of thing happens. Its also interesting just how many goblin extermination jobs there are and yet all the experienced adventures avoid goblin jobs since they see its beneath them. The only ones going after the goblins are the rookies (that usually end up dead or worse) and goblin slayer. Since no one is taking the goblin jobs, the goblins are becoming a real problem that no one wants to deal with. He's looked down on by the other veterans as his gear looks dirty and crappy but the first episode illustrates that its all practical and perfect for goblin slaying and fighting in tight caves. Goblin Slayer doesn't care though. He just wants to kill goblins. He's essentially DOOM guy but in a fantasy setting. Never removing his armor let alone helmet. Even his introduction moment has doom like music.  I'm only on episode 2 but from the memes on imgur I know that he also attracts a harem of women, but its a harem subversion (so far) as he's not interested or flustered by the women. He's only concerned about killing goblins and finding new ways to kill goblins. Also fair warning there is a bit of TnA to titillate viewers. Its very pandering at times, especially with Goblin Slayer's childhood friend that he stays with. Expect physics defying bounces. :roll:

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