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  • 08 Apr 2020, 04:38
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 on: 06 Apr 2020, 21:39 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Gyrre
It's been awhile. Keeping the thread alive.

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 19:37 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Scarlet Manuka
I hope Millefeuille at least pauses to put on some pants.

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 18:52 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by shanejayell
Next comic up.

OK, that was amusing...

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 17:48 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Tova
Which specific whole mess are you referring to in your post? There are so many to choose from.  :clairedoge:

I'd be curious to know what patents on this technology, if any, remain unexpired. The fundamental patent would have expired by now.

I suspect that the devil is in the implementation detail, as is the case with a lot of these kinds of ideas. But if it's as even half as straightforward as you say, why not go ahead and build one?

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 15:07 
Started by TorporChambre - Last post by jwhouk

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 14:14 
Started by TorporChambre - Last post by andrybak
Regular QC is published in PNG. And TorporChambre's post seems to be a very compressed JPEG converted back into PNG. Here's a clean PNG version:

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 12:16 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Gyrre
My favorite bits of foreign slang I've learned so far in the last couple of weeks are 'plonker' (insult) and 'duguma' (a work in progress).
(Kind of bummed I can't include 'doska' (bored) in that since I've known it for years. Definitely applies since I've started my vacation, though.)
Recently learned 'banjaxed' and 'bamjaxed' (the latter because I misheard the former). Not sure if I can work either into conversation on this side of the pond, but both would make for a good kobold or goblin name in D&D.

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 11:54 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Thrudd

A few of today's search hits tried to imply it was "not digital", that is just market speak.  The optical interface will not be analogue.

You can blame the whole mess on today's modern patent jungle that has stymied any real developments of a commercial product outside of the rarefied atmosphere of audiophiles with more money than sense.

If I was designing such a system to day I would start by using a cellphone camera module through a short focus lens since it is pretty much off the shelf except for the lens, small and lightweight.
Physical tracking would be linear to match the mechanism they used to cut the original track for the die press so you avoid the tonearm tracking distortion you would normally get.
The software for this is a straight off the shelf industrial vision system.

As for the reading of the track data 100% digital may give you too much detail and you would have to get creative with your filtering algorithms but the reproduction would be 100% accurate.
Mind the electronics to do all this would have to be using the processing power equivalent to a modern video card and not a few hundred kilohertz used in most consumer goods.

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 11:46 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Autistic Vulture
Has there been a character who has grown more than Yay?

Well, she's been around a lot longer, but my vote is for Tai, in the sense that she's now capable of turning herself "off" on occasion.  (Understand, she used to be easily my least favourite character.  Don't know who that might be now, but Millefeuille is working very hard at it.)

 on: 06 Apr 2020, 11:31 
Started by Gyrre - Last post by Thrudd
I put down "other" since my weekly schedule has not changed that much and I know way too much than is good for me with regard to most of the subjects listed.
Well shopping is one day a week now and the waiting in line makes me feel like I'm in eastern Europe before the wall came down and the red empire imploded.
The thin stocking of the shelves hearkens back to childhood memories from back then.
Also traffic is almost nonexistent, which is nice, except for the same [censored] who pull the same boneheaded manoeuvres they always did.
Cooking has been more creative what with more free time and limited resources. Thank be to dad and the chest freezer in the basement.

The only thing that has changed is that I am pretty much stuck at home in the evenings and play WAY more video games than is healthy.
So it seems that I have picked up quite a bit of lore from World of Warcraft.
Oh I have also been reading Manhua on the second screen while waiting in LFG and have quickly learned that the stories are plagiarist and AXE COP puts most to shame.

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